Health Technology Institute is like a ‘ghost house’!

Health Technology Institute is like a ‘ghost house’!
Health Technology Institute is like a ‘ghost house’!

The construction of the Institute of Health Technology (IHT) building in Srinagar, Munshiganj, was completed four years ago but has not yet seen the light of day. Gambling and drug sessions are held in the closed buildings after the evening because of the non-inauguration. There are also allegations of unethical practices.

Locals say that a kind of ghostly atmosphere is created across the campus at night. The district health department has already understood this from the contractor four years ago. But the activities are far from being started, the huge buildings are not being maintained. All the six multi-storied buildings constructed on three acres of land by the Health Engineering Directorate (HED) of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare are now unprotected. Two years ago, the electricity substation was burnt down. Now in the evening, the whole area is dark without electricity.

In the institution built at a cost of 34 crore rupees, various appliances and furniture including air conditioners are being destroyed. Academic Bhavan, Student Hostel, Officers Quarters, Principal Bhavan, Student Hostel and Staff Quarters – all these six storied buildings are now unprotected. Dense weeds have formed across the campus. Renovation of the institute’s link road in the aesthetic environment near the Dhaka-Srinagar-Dohar road on the banks of Nagarnandi Canal is also necessary. Locals have complained that the health department is not keeping track of this huge campus. Experts believe that if the new institute is opened, the shortage of technologists in the public and private hospitals of the country will end. Special speed will come in healthcare. Munshiganj General Hospital Junior Consultant Dr. Amarendra Saha Sudipta said that technologist positions are very important in the health department. Because of that, if this institute is started, the shortage of technologists will be reduced.

It can be seen on the surface that the buildings of Institute of Health Technology built in Madhya Kamargaon (Nagarnandi) area of ​​Bhagyakul Union of the upazila are being damaged in various ways. As soon as you enter the main gate, you can see weeds all over the campus. Cows and goats are being grazed. Clothes are drying at the door. However, no night watchman was seen. Due to the lack of surveillance, outsiders are able to easily enter the campus and buildings. At this time, it can be noticed that there is no lock on the gate of the principal building. The doors and windows of the rooms of the two-storey building are open. Various drug paraphernalia and garbage and playing cards, pillow-pillows were found scattered in the rooms. Residents said that the traffic of drug addicts increased as evening fell. Gambling, drugs and immoral activities started late at night. Residents say that if the institution is opened, the public including students will be able to enjoy its benefits. Thousands of people will gather here. Employment of people will be created. The socio-economic and quality of life of the people of the region will be improved around the institution. Residents of the area wished for the good vision of the concerned people to start the institution.

According to related sources, the foundation stone of the institution was laid by Sukumar Ranjan Ghosh, a former Member of Parliament of Munshiganj-1 Constituency on November 27, 2015. As this huge institution was built, the whole area was given many possibilities. The students were supposed to be on the march till now. But for unknown reasons it is now a ‘haunted house’.

Munshiganj civil surgeon Dr. Manjurul Alam claimed that its activities will start in the fiscal year 2022-2023. There are written instructions from the higher authorities in this regard. He claims that all problems will be solved if activated. Due to lack of manpower it could not be started till now. If it is launched, 200 students will get admission opportunity in each session after passing SSC in science department in radiology, lab, dental and pharmacy.

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