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The list of ‘irregularities’ of BCL win-writer goes to Sheikh Hasina

The list of ‘irregularities’ of BCL win-writer goes to Sheikh Hasina
The list of ‘irregularities’ of BCL win-writer goes to Sheikh Hasina

Claiming that no responsibilities have been shared with others, he said, “The Central Executive Parliament is largely ineffective as there is no general meeting. Charges against them could have been presented at the general meeting. Since the general meeting is not being held, we are handing over the complaint to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as our guardian with the signatures of one-third of the central committee members.”

Two other vice-presidents of Chhatra League spoke to about this.

Vice President Sohan Khan complained, “There are a lot of allegations against them (Joy-Lekhak). In 90 percent of the committees they have given, they have brought in weak leadership.

“Furthermore, non-students, married people, BNP-Jamaat family members, drug dealers and identified criminals have been placed in the committees. They are doing the committee through press release. It is a betrayal of the deposit given by the Prime Minister.”

Chhatra League’s other vice-president Syed Arif Hossain Khan claimed that the organization is running on the decision of the two without the opinion of the central council.

Alleging that Chhatra League has been systematically weakened by the lack of coordination with the Executive Council, by managing the organization with a single decision, he said, “In the recent committees, unethical transactions are taking place, but the issue of money has come up very strongly in the media.”

Before these allegations against the current president and general secretary of Chhatra League, various allegations were also made against their previous president Rezwanul Haque Chowdhury Shobhan and general secretary Golam Rabbani. They came to leadership through the 29th National Conference of Chhatra League on May 11 and 12, 2018.

On May 11, 2019, after 10 months of taking over the leadership, they declared the 301-member Central Committee full.

After that, Sobhan and Rabbani were dismissed from their duties on September 14 that year due to various charges including extortion in Jahangirnagar University.

Then the senior vice-president of that time Al-Nahian Khan Joy was declared acting president and the senior joint general secretary writer Bhattacharya was declared acting general secretary. The two top leaders were given full charge on January 4, 2020.

According to the constitution, the current committee has expired. Already, a large part of the Chhatra League has joined the demand for a central conference. As part of this, other leaders said that complaints are being sent to the president of Awami League against the two current top leaders.

They said that, in view of the conference, recently the committee of different units of Jai-Lekh Bhatra League is announcing through ‘press circular’. In this case, they also accused of ‘irregularity’.

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