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Bogra city is expanding

Bogra city is expanding
Bogra city is expanding

Before there was a city. Now people face the city. Today’s Bogra city cannot be compared in any way with the Bogra city of twenty years ago. The extent of urbanization is increasing day by day. Most are unplanned. AYears ago suburbs are now cities. The buildings face the sky. It looks like a concrete forest. Covers the afternoon sun. Feeder roads are becoming congested.

Rapid urbanization has encroached directly on cropland. As Bogra city is expanding all around, the lands are being swallowed up. Arable land in Bogra has decreased by about 42 thousand hectares in the last one period. This amount, however, says the Department of Agricultural Extension: The arable land has decreased. AtThere will not be much effect on the padan. The use of modern technology in modern agriculture and the advent of high-yielding varieties of all crops have resulted in more crops on less landtbeing driven. The city is expanding but the buildings are high-rise or sky-high. That is why cropland is not decreasing much.

As Bogra is an intermediate city in the northern region, the cost of land in this area is very high. A large number of those who came to Bogra from Dhaka and other districts for employment eventually became Bogra migrants.. At first they live in a rented house. Then he bought land to build a homestead. At one point he built a house. Someone buys a flat house in installments. On the other hand, the industrial city of Ekdar, Bogra, has lost its tradition and turned into a high-quality city of trade and commerce. which is ongoing. Sophisticated market, A shopping mall like the capital Dhaka, Multi-storied shopping complex with central air conditioning, big company, Showrooms and customer care centers of multinational companies, A five-star luxury hotel, cine complex, Advanced infrastructure is being developed including rent car companies. The country’s oldest city, Bogra Mahasthangarh, has been revamped as a tourist attraction, increasing the number of tourists..

Bogra city is attracting developers. Apart from the different neighborhoods and mohallas of the city, they are buying land in suburban areas and outside the municipal area and constructing multi-storied flat houses.. Developers have contracts with the people who are buying the land and constructing the flats. A few flats in multi-storied buildings are allotted to the land owner. Various structures are being built around the city. It means that joint families are broken upt As the nuclear family increased, flat houses increased to accommodate more people. Thus the urbanization process is expanding.

About a century and a half ago Bogra municipal area was 14.76 square kilometers. Currently this area has increased to 69.56 square kilometers. 12 wards increased to 21 wards. Beyond this, the process of urbanization is going on. Municipal authorities allow 6-storey building in Bogra city. If you want to build a building higher than this, you have to take the permission of the district administration. Buildings up to 12 floors can be constructed with the joint permission of the district administration and municipal authorities. There are conditions for this. For example, the width of the road in front of the building should be at least 24 feet without sidewalks. However, buildings up to 18 floors have been constructed in violation of the rules. Many multi-storied buildings are being constructed on both sides of the feeder road. A source said that building owners and developers have obtained permission from Dhaka to construct buildings of higher height. Many storied buildings are being constructed by filling many ponds.

Building codes are not being followed in many cases. Highrise building is being constructed with underground garage. Water hydrants are not being constructed. In this regard, the fire service official said that it is recommended to have water-tight fire extinguishers in the high-rise buildings. Apart from this, fire service permission has to be taken for construction of buildings by filling ponds.

In short distance upazilas near Bogra city, houses are also built on arable land, Business organizations, public and private institutions are being developed. Mahasthangarh especially through Gokul in the north, The former Gabtali, Kahalu of the West is of the South, The process of urbanization has started up to Rural Development Academy of Shajahanpur and Sherpur upazilas. The road communication system with these five upazilas is so good that people can reach within fifteen minutes to half an hour by mechanical vehicles (buses)., Mini buses CNG powered autorickshaws) can be connected to Bogra city. Those who have their own cars get the feeling of living on the outskirts of the city.

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