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18 passengers went to the airport and found out that there is an average ticket

18 passengers went to the airport and found out that there is an average ticket
18 passengers went to the airport and found out that there is an average ticket

When contacted about this, Additional SP of Airport Armed Police Battalion Ziaul Haque said, “The tickets of those passengers were fake. They have been asked to contact the ticketing agency.”

Gulf Air flight GF 251 left Dhaka at 5:40 am on Friday morning. Sumi Begum was supposed to go to Saudi Arabia via Bahrain on that flight, so she reached Shahjalal International Airport on Thursday midnight.

But when he went to the counter of the airlines to collect the boarding pass, the staff saw the ticket paper printed by his hand and said it was ‘fake’.

18 such passengers of that flight could not board early on Friday morning. Talking to some of them got the names of six different agencies through whom they booked Gulf Air tickets. But some of them have returned home due to not getting the boarding pass, some are on their way home, and some are staying at the airport.

An official at the Gulf Air check-in counter said on condition of anonymity, “The tickets were not showing up in our system. That is why their boarding has been denied.”

Sumi Begum, a passenger who came to the airport to go to Saudi Arabia as a worker, said, “The counter said – ‘Your tickets are all fake’. Hara did not let us go. I called the broker at the airport, he also could not say anything. Later I came to know that the ticket was confirmed and the money was not paid. So the counter says this ticket is not showing online.”

Shafiul Alam of Gaibandha was also going to Saudi Arabia for the first time. When I spoke to him on the phone on Friday afternoon, he was boarding a bus in Gaibandha.

He said that he paid 400,000 rupees to the broker to go to Saudi Arabia. He failed to stand at the check-in counter last night to catch an early flight on Friday morning.

“Those who are cutting our tickets have not paid the money. A total of 18 people have had this problem.”

The broker through whom Shafiul booked the Saudi ticket is Ilyas. He claimed that he had paid the money of the passengers to the travel agency Rahman Overseas. Now don’t understand why this problem occurs.

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