As it was on Queen Elizabeth’s inauguration day

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has long been the head of the world’s most powerful royal family. His inauguration day was said to be Britain’s most festive day since World War II.

The day was Monday, June 2, 1953. After a day of rain in the morning, London’s sky was lit up with daylight. But that day, the minds of the local residents were brighter than that surrounding the ceremony of Queen Elizabeth’s ascension to the throne.

Six young women accompanied Queen Elizabeth to attend the inauguration ceremony. Whose responsibility was to bring out all the beauty of the queen’s clothes and ornaments. Also giving added beauty to the Queen’s entry ceremony by presenting themselves.

That day, Elizabeth left Buckingham Palace in London for Westminster Abbey to attend her inauguration. All of London was decorated for the Queen’s coronation. But only the eastern entrance to Buckingham Palace remained.

The 26-year-old Rani’s debut was broadcast live on TV channels. Which has never happened in the 900 year history of Britain. As a result, the highest number of people in history got the opportunity to watch the show. The entire seven-hour program was broadcast live. The Queen was lined up on both sides of the road from Buckingham Palace to Westminster.

Queen Elizabeth went to the inauguration ceremony that day with a fleet of two and a half people. As a vehicle for the queen was a gold-wrapped chaise. There was an added interest among the people present to see that. And there were 8,000 guests from around the world to welcome the Queen to Westminster Abbey. Where the queen took the oath. The next program was banned on television.

After the swearing in, the queen was taken to the archbishop. There the Dean of Westminster Abbey brought a vessel of holy oil. The archbishop then took the queen under a hidden veil to be anointed with oil. There, all the royal clothes and ornaments of the queen are removed and simple clothes are taught. After the inauguration, the Queen returned to Buckingham. A video was made on all the events of that day and given to Rani.

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