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Rice is not available in Bogra, the price of flour and eggs has increased again

Rice is not available in Bogra, the price of flour and eggs has increased again
Rice is not available in Bogra, the price of flour and eggs has increased again

Even after the administration’s raids on paddy and rice warehouses in Bogra, the price of rice did not reach the buyers. Along with that, the prices of several products including flour, eggs have increased. In this situation, the lower and lower middle class income people of the society are struggling in the market.

During the full season of Aman, the price of rice suddenly increased by Tk 5-6 per kg across the country, including Bogra, last August. There was a huge reaction among people of all professions including buyers. Under the leadership of the executive magistrate of the local district and upazila administration, food department, consumer rights protection directorate, district marketing directorate and other institutions of the government have conducted mobile courts in private rice warehouses at the upazila level including the district headquarters to normalize the market.

According to the sources of the district administration, at least 25 rice warehouses of different upazilas including Sherpur, Shibganj of the district including Sadar upazila were raided and a fine of around 16 lakh rupees was collected for various crimes including illegal storage of rice. More than 25 cases were filed against the accused businessmen in these incidents. But this has reduced the price of rice by 2-3 rupees per kg in the retail market.

Rashedul Islam, rice trader of Maltinagar Baksi Bazar in Bogra city and Narendra Nath, rice trader of Fateh Ali Bazar, said that after the campaign, the price of rice has decreased by Tk 2-3 per kg.

Retail traders said that the country’s big companies are doing business in rice. At the beginning of paddy harvest, they buy paddy at a high price and make rice and store it. Due to this, the price suddenly increased in the market. A raid on these warehouses will reduce the price.

The price of flour increased again. Packaged flour is being sold at Tk 55-58 per kg. However, the sale of flour through food department dealers is currently closed. Here the low income people could save some money by buying open flour at the rate of Tk 18 per kg. But that too is closed. In addition, the price of eggs has increased again. For the last 3-4 days, the price of eggs in Bogra has increased from Tk 34-35 to Tk 40-43. Buyers do not find any reason for the sudden increase in the price of eggs. A large company called Kazi Farms in Bogra controls the egg market. Earlier, when the price rose above 50 rupees, the mobile court of the district administration conducted raids in the egg retail market and the price came down a little. The buyers have drawn the attention of the administration in this regard.

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