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A.League is active in Barisal over Zilla Parishad elections

A.League is active in Barisal over Zilla Parishad elections
A.League is active in Barisal over Zilla Parishad elections

Barisal: The politics of Awami League in Barisal is very busy with the Zilla Parishad elections. However, no thoughts about this election have been heard from the local BNP leaders.

And among the leaders of the rest of the parties, there has not been a lot of running about it yet. It is not yet heard of any party giving such a candidate.

Since the announcement of the election schedule, the nomination aspirants have been seen to be on the move, but six Awami League aspirants have collected party nominations so far.

Of which Barisal Metropolitan Awami League President Advocate AKM Jahangir, Vice President of Metropolitan Awami League and former VP of BM College have submitted nominations till Thursday (September 8). Anwar Hossain, district Awami League vice-president Syed Anisur Rahman, former member of parliament and former chairman of district council. Maidul Islam, Awami League leader Advocate Delwar Hossain Dilu and former administrator of Barisal Zilla Parishad and former senior vice-president of Krishak League Central Committee Khan Altaf Hossain Bhulu. And by submitting the party nomination form, everyone said to accept the decision of the party.

Meanwhile, the former president of Barisal District Jubo League mysteriously did not submit the form even after collecting it. Zakir Hossain. It is known that he did not submit the nomination on the instructions of his political guardian and Barisal District Awami League President Abul Hasanat Abdullah. However, he collected the nomination form with great interest on Wednesday (September 7).

Local Awami League sources say that the district Awami League will not support any candidate. They will act on behalf of the person nominated by the Nomination Board. Barisal District Awami League President and Secretary indicated that.

Meanwhile, district Awami League general secretary and former member of parliament Advocate Talukder Md. before the announcement of the schedule. Yunus’s name was heard quite strongly, but his close friends said that he himself was interested in being a candidate for this election.

Despite the desire and popularity, many of the Awami League did not collect nominations for the post of chairman in the Zilla Parishad elections without receiving party instructions. Among them Barisal Metropolitan Awami League Vice President Advocate Afzalul Karim, Barisal Metropolitan Awami League member, former BCC Councilor and Shaheed Abdur Rob Serniabat Barisal Press Club General Secretary SM Zakir Hossain, Banaripara Upazila Awami League General Secretary Advocate Maulad Hossain Sana, Barisal Sadar Upazila Names of Council Chairman Saidur Rahman Rintu, Jubo League leader Mahmudul Haque Khan Mamun have been revealed. However, even though there are many expectations, they have said that they are not willing to do anything outside of the party decision.

Apart from these, no one from Awami League can be heard as an individual. However, nothing can be confirmed until the end of the day of submission of nomination papers to the Election Commission.

Meanwhile, upazila Awami League sources say that in Mehendiganj and Banaripara, among the organizational units, one or more ‘member’ candidates from among the followers of the parliamentarian will participate in the election.

The term of the last chairmen in the Zilla Parishad ended on April 17. The government gave them the responsibility of interim administrator again. The Election Commission has announced the schedule for the new Zilla Parishad elections on August 31. According to the schedule, the election will be held on October 17. However, nomination papers must be submitted by September 15.

Bangladesh Time: 1751 hours, September 09, 2022

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