Various demands of CNG-autorickshaw drivers

Various demands of CNG-autorickshaw drivers
Various demands of CNG-autorickshaw drivers

Dhaka: Dhaka Metropolitan CNG Auto-Rickshaw Drivers Union has organized a human chain and protest march to stop three wheeler license holders registration, blue book, owner and police harassment on the road.

They held this program in front of the National Press Club of the capital on Friday (September 09) morning.

Speakers in the program said, we drivers work long hours, but we have to pay the house rent at the end of the month by paying the expenses of children’s education along with food and clothing. If the family members are sick, I cannot provide treatment. We CNG autorickshaw drivers have been enduring the oppression of the CNG autorickshaw owner-administration and extortion brokers for a long time. Day by day it is increasing. As you all know the road condition is not good. I started the journey with a debt burden of 1600 rupees per day.

They say, we must always live in irony. Harassment with meter cases ranging from Tk 700 to Tk 2500 for minor offences. There is no parking. But the case of no parking is being filed. The transport workers of our country think that this is such a country, traffic sergeants file a case whenever they see it. On the other hand, according to the instructions of the BRTA authorities, the daily deposit of this small vehicle has been made 900 taka. Even then the owners take deposits at a rate higher than 900 rupees. The driver has to pay the garage rent of the owner’s car.

Speakers said, now our demand is that no car will be stopped or picked up from Dhaka city until the scheduled 5000 CNG auto-rickshaws are provided. The administration should stop extortion in CNG auto-rickshaws and ensure passenger service. The overcharged owners are indulging in a conspiracy to confuse and divide the ongoing 5000 CNG autorickshaw distribution movement among drivers. Owners are taking 1100-1300 taka daily deposit by syndicating 900 taka. Drivers go to BRTA and get no redressal. About fifty thousand CNG autorickshaw drivers and one crore passengers of Dhaka city are hostage to about 1000 CNG autorickshaw owners.

We want all these problems to be removed.

Bangladesh Time: 1258 hours, September 09, 2022

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