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The Queen’s death brought England’s sports to a standstill

The Queen’s death brought England’s sports to a standstill
The Queen’s death brought England’s sports to a standstill

British Queen Elizabeth has passed away at the age of 96. Elizabeth, who ascended the British throne at the age of 26, served for 70 years. He served the longest tenure in the long history of the British royal family. The world is mourning his death. As part of this, all sports in the UK have been suspended.

The second day of the England-South Africa Test was scheduled to take place on Friday (September 9). ECB suspends second day’s play in Rani’s honour.

Along with cricket, football has also come to a standstill. Two matches scheduled for Friday in the English Football League have also been postponed. Along with cricket-football, golf-horse racing tournaments have also been suspended.

After the news of Queen’s death came out, football clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal took to the field wearing black armbands. The teams observed silence before the match.

In addition to the English Premier League, matches in the Scottish and Welsh leagues have also been suspended. Friday’s Scottish League game between Rangers and Dandy has been postponed.

Outside of England, Italy also observed a minute’s silence for the Queen’s death. Formula One drivers observed a minute’s silence before the start of the Italian Grand Prix in Italy. Apart from this, silence has also been observed in the US Open in the United States.