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Rajshahi’s primary education is in ruins

Rajshahi’s primary education is in ruins
Rajshahi’s primary education is in ruins

The primary education system of Rajshahi is running a lot. More than 420 government primary schools, including assistant teachers, do not have head teachers. There are no teachers in schools in rural and rural areas. There are total 1 thousand 57 government primary schools in Rajshahi. Half of these schools currently do not have head teachers. And 956 assistant teacher posts are also vacant. These schools are running in various crises including teaching and administrative. Meanwhile, complaints have been coming from parents for a long time that the educational system has collapsed in the government primary schools of Rajshahi due to lack of proper supervision.

Apart from this, the attendance rate of students and teachers in government primary schools is also reported to have decreased. But everything is fine on paper. Parents also complain that there are not enough teachers in the schools where teachers are needed. Again, there are 7-8 teachers instead of 5 in a school in Rajshahi metropolitan area or nearby. Many postings are in other schools but are working on despatch in areas near the city. But the number of teachers is more than the proportion of students in government primary schools of the city.

It is known that 193 of the 420 government primary schools in Rajshahi where the post of head teacher is vacant, assistant head teachers are serving as acting head teachers. And due to the complexity of the case, the head teachers of 6 schools have refrained from performing their duties. In the rest of the schools, the assistant teachers are performing the duties of the head teachers in tandem.

Eight government primary schools in Boalia police station of Rajshahi metropolis do not have head teachers. Apart from this, 31 government primary schools in Godagari, 45 in Charghat, 72 in Tanore, 31 in Durgapur, 39 in Puthia, 33 in Paba upazila, 101 in Bagmara, 30 in Bagh and 30 in Mohanpur are vacant. There is a shortage of not only head teachers but also specially trained teachers in the government primary schools of Rajshahi.

According to the directives of the Department of Primary Education, every government primary school must have teachers for music and physical education. But in some schools they are teaching music to students with only six days training on music. And after seven days of training, teachers are teaching physical education in some schools. There are complaints that teaching of music and physical education has been made compulsory, but there are no skilled teachers trained in these subjects. Also, most schools do not have equipment for music and physical education.

On the other hand, some teachers of several government primary schools in Rajshahi’s Paba Upazila, who did not wish to be named, said that the arbitrary thinking of the Education Department has been imposed on the students. There is no teacher-student ratio in most of the government primary schools in Rajshahi. Schools in rural and pastoral areas have at most one or two teachers instead of 7. Within a few days of joining the job, they got transferred to the city school through bribery. As a result, grasslands and village schools remain empty. In remote and rural schools, one or two teachers are required to teach all classes. Students also cannot learn anything special in it.

A headmaster of a government primary school said no one has time to look after village schools. The education of the children of the poor families in the village is entirely dependent on these government primary education institutions. An upazila education official, who did not want to be named, said, ‘The teacher crisis is increasing every month. Every month someone is going to retire, someone is leaving the job. But it is not possible for them to do anything without the initiative of the directorate or the ministry. Rajshahi primary education officer Abdus Salam said that about 600 assistant teachers are being recruited in the district.

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