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Dhaka city in name but looks like a village (video)

Dhaka city in name but looks like a village (video)
Dhaka city in name but looks like a village (video)

Although the number of wards has increased, the quality of service has decreased in the city corporation. Citizens of the capital have to cross the bamboo belt even with taxes. Stay away from paved roads, there are no unpaved roads in many areas. In general, the communication system here is poorer than the village.

City Corporation South Ward No. 75. The medium of crossing is a dangerous bamboo bridge. Before 2017, Nasirabad Union was dissolved and the area adjacent to Khilgaon police station was included in the administrative ward. It was said that even if the tax increases under the city, the benefit of the people will increase more than that. But even in 5 years, the sorrow did not come.

“About 20,000 people live in this area, but we don’t get any benefit according to the tax.” Says a resident of the area.

Another said, “During the monsoons, the roads also get submerged, making it very difficult to get around.”

Locals also said that the public representatives came and gave assurances but to no avail.

Such plight is frequent in the new wards of the two city corporations of the capital. Somewhere there is a road but the pitch is not cast. Again, it is quite a liability to go with whatever is there. The victims complain that now the communication system of the village is much better than all the wards.

A victim said, “It looks like a village but in name it is Dhaka city. If you take a patient to this road, the patient will die on the road.”

The mayor did not keep the promised development. And the councilor does not look for the residents.

The residents of the new ward are lagging behind in all directions due to poor communication conditions.


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