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How much is the fare to go from one station to another on Metrorail?

How much is the fare to go from one station to another on Metrorail?
How much is the fare to go from one station to another on Metrorail?

Dhaka Traffic Coordination Authority (DTCA) has published the complete list of how much fare will be required to go from one station to another metro rail.

The list was published in a notification of DTCA on Thursday.

The fare from Uttara North Station (Diabari) to Agargaon Station, which will be launched first in December, has been fixed at Tk 60.

From Pallabi station of Metrorail (MRT-6) to Mirpur-11, Mirpur 10 and Kazipara, the fare is Tk. 20. Sheorapara and Agargaon rent is 30 taka. Fare from Mirpur-11 to Diabari and Agargaon is Tk 30. Mirpur 10, Kazipara, Sheorapara, Uttara South and Center fare is Tk 20. The fare from Mirpur-10 to Kazipara and Sheorapara is Tk 20. Agargaon rent is also 20 taka. Diabari rent is 40 taka.

Road Transport Minister Obaidul Quader had already informed that the minimum fare in metro rail is Tk 20. Maximum 100 rupees. However, there is no opportunity to cross the road of 100 rupees this year. The Agargaon to Kamalapur section is expected to be operational by December next year.

DTCA has informed in the notification that the fare from Diabari to Motijheel and Kamalapur is Tk 100. The rent of TSC and secretariat is 90 taka. Kawranbazar and Shahbagh fare is 80 taka. Farmgate rent is 70 taka. Like Agargaon, Vijay Sarani also charges 60 rupees.

Areas around Diabari, Uttara Center and South Station are still uninhabited. Apart from these first three stations of MRT 6, the remaining 14 are expected to have passenger pressure. The fare from Pallavi to Vijay Sarani is Rs.40. Farmgate rent is 50 rupees. The fare from Mirpur-11 to Farmgate is Tk 40. Mirpur-10 to Farmgate 30 Tk.

The minimum bus fare in Dhaka is Tk 10. The fare is 2 taka 45 paisa per kilometer. By road, the distance from Mirpur-10 to Farmgate is 6.7 kilometers. Rent is 16 rupees. The metro rail fare for the same distance is Tk 30.

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