BNP leader Salahuddin uncertain to return home, why?

BNP leader Salahuddin uncertain to return home, why?
BNP leader Salahuddin uncertain to return home, why?

Salahuddin Ahmed, leader of BNP and former Minister of State for Telecommunication, has been trapped in Shillong, Meghalaya, India for about seven years and four months. Despite being acquitted by a court in Shillong in the case of illegal entry, this member of the BNP’s standing committee is uncertain about returning to the country due to the appeal of the country’s state.

The country’s courts keep pushing back the date of the hearing. As a result of the lower court’s verdict Paro has been stuck there for four years. Family and relatives complain that the state is deliberately not hearing appeals. Meanwhile, Salahuddin Ahmed’s physical condition has become worse than before. According to the family, he is suffering from various diseases including kidney, heart problem, diabetes. Can’t even walk like before.

On May 11, 2015, after 62 days of missing, Salahuddin was found in a state of disrepair in the golf links field of Shillong, the capital of the Indian state of Meghalaya. He was then admitted to the hospital. A case of trespassing was filed against him.

According to Salahuddin’s family, he was acquitted by a lower court in the case of trespassing in Shillong, India. But the country’s state side appealed against that verdict. After the appeal to the court it has no more movement. That’s how the paper is lying. The court only gives the date, and again gives the date of appearance. Due to Corona, the country’s courts were also closed in 2020-21. Although the situation is normal later, the appeal is not being heard. Therefore, Salahuddin, who spent a long time living alone in Shillong, has been affected by various diseases. When Dhaka Times contacted Salahuddin’s wife Hasina Ahmed, she said this.

Hasina Ahmed was elected Member of Parliament from Cox’s Bazar-1 constituency in 2008 as a candidate of Nationalist Party. Earlier, her husband Salahuddin Ahmed was a member of parliament elected twice from the seat.

At the end of 2013, when the country’s political situation was turbulent around the 10th parliamentary election on January 5, 2014, many of the top leaders of BNP were in jail, some were in hiding, then the joint secretary general of the party, Salahuddin Ahmad, served as the party’s spokesperson.

Next year, BNP and 20 other parties joined the anti-government movement in front of January 5, 2015. Salahuddin used to send party statements and video messages to the media from undisclosed locations to avoid arrest during the continuous blockade programme. After going on like this for some time, a group of armed men in the identity of ‘law enforcement’ ‘kidnapped’ him from a building in Uttara area of ​​Dhaka on the night of March 10 that year and took him to an unknown place. Later he was found in Shillong, India.

What the family says

Salahuddin Ahmed’s wife Hasina Ahmed told Dhaka Times, “I came from India last month. His body condition is worse than before. Can’t walk properly now. He has been affected by various diseases in his long lonely life. He has to appear in court every month due to non-hearing in court. The judge repeatedly gave the date and said – come on the next date (date).’

Meanwhile, the cases against Salahuddin in the country were supervised by the party. Arrest warrants have been issued against him in many cases. There are 27 cases in different police stations of the country. During the siege in 2015, there were several cases. Notable among these are three cases in Jatrabari Police Station in the capital, two in Rampura Police Station in connection with Explosives Act and murder, two in Bhatara Police Station in connection with Explosives Act and obstruction of police and two more cases in Comilla in connection with murder and Explosives Act and murder. has

When asked whether he went to the constituency or whether there was any preparation for the 12th National Assembly elections, his wife Hasina Ahmed said, ‘If the party wants, I will see about the election. And now I can’t go to the constituency because my husband (Salahuddin) is very ill. I am trying to give him time now. That’s why I sometimes visit him in India. Because, how many years can a person be lonely alone.’ Currently, this BNP leader is staying in a cottage in Shillong on rent.

When asked whether there is any action on the part of the government to bring him back to the country, this former member of parliament said, ‘Does anyone remember what he (Salahuddin) said? And did not leave any way to bring him back to the country. Now till the disposal of the appeal, there is nothing we can do. Allah knows what will be its future. I have left everything to God. If he is helpful then he can return to his country.’

Salahuddin Ahmed was acquitted on October 26, 2018 after three and a half years in the case of illegal entry. However, he has to stay in India as he does not have a passport and visa. Later, on April 27, 2019, the country’s state side appealed against the verdict. This leader of BNP is not an accused to be returned through Interpol. After the appeal hearing is over, the police headquarters and the ministry said that it is possible to return him to the country through the discussion and consent of the foreign ministries of the two countries.

How he came to politics

Salahuddin Ahmed was APS of then Prime Minister Khaleda Zia during 1991-96 period. Later, he left the job and became Member of Parliament for Cox’s Bazar and was given the charge of State Minister for Telecommunication in the BNP-Jamaat coalition government in 2001-06. Salahuddin Ahmed, the BNP’s joint secretary general at the time of his disappearance, later became a member of the party’s highest policy-making forum standing committee at the Sixth National Council. Besides, BNP Chairperson Khaledar Zia’s one-time favorite Salahuddin Ahmed.

When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Dhaka in June 2015, BNP Chairperson met him (Modi). At that time, Khaleda Zia requested the Prime Minister of India to consider the issue of Salahuddin Ahmed with compassion.

As Salahuddin in Shillong

2015 A group of armed men posing as ‘law and order forces’ ‘kidnapped’ Salahuddin from a building in Uttara and took him to an undisclosed location. After two months of disappearance, the local police rescued him from a road in Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, in a state of mental distress. A case of illegal entry into India was filed against him in that incident. Since then he is staying in Shillong.


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