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As was Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to Bangladesh

British Queen Elizabeth II visited Bangladesh 2 times during her remarkable life and reign. Queen Elizabeth II first visited Dhaka on February 15, 1961, before Bangladesh’s independence, on a royal visit. At that time he stayed at Sugandha State Guest House in Dhaka. During this visit, Rani visited the Adamji Jute Mill.

He came to Bangladesh for the second time in 1983 on a 4-day visit. Queen Elizabeth II came to Dhaka on November 14, 1983. The then President Hussain Muhammad Ershad greeted him at Dhaka International Airport. Colorful posters of the Queen, banners reading ‘Bangladesh-United Kingdom Friendship Long Live’ and Union Jack flags lined the 18-mile route to greet the Queen.

The Queen was then given a guard of honor by the Bangladesh Armed Forces.

During the royal visit, he traveled by train to visit a model village in Chittagong and Bairagirchala in Sripur upazila of Gazipur. In Chittagong he saw how to make ‘muri’ from rice. Various handicrafts, including handicrafts, gold sheets and pottery, also fascinated the queen.

Meanwhile, Rani Elizabeth II traveled from Dhaka to Sreepur by train and later by car to Bairagirchala. The then President Hussain Muhammad Ershad and many others were accompanying the queen. A lot of development took place in the village during the visit of the Queen.

Bangladesh Railway decorated the Queen’s traveling train with flowers. A wooden plaque with metal relief and scrolling leaf border was also presented to the Queen by Bangladesh Railways. The government also released a Rs 10 postal stamp in his honour.

Among the highlights of the Queen’s visit was the National Memorial, where she laid a wreath in honor of those who died in Bangladesh’s freedom struggle.

The Queen and Prince Philip also visited the ‘Save the Children’ center in Dhaka and met the beneficiaries along with Medical Director Dr. Sultana Khanum.

The Queen extended her greetings to the people of Bangladesh on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh’s independence. We share bonds of friendship and affection, which remain the foundation of our partnership and are as important today as they were fifty years ago, he said.

It should be noted that the longest reigning queen of the United Kingdom died at the age of 96 in Balmoral Castle, Scotland. Buckingham Palace announced the Queen’s death late Thursday evening (September 8) local time.

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