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Barisal Divisional Museum is not surviving the drought of visitors

Barisal Divisional Museum is not surviving the drought of visitors
Barisal Divisional Museum is not surviving the drought of visitors

Commenting that the atmosphere of the museum was ‘not so good’, he said, “Everything has to have a grandeur. How do you know everything here? The building should be painted and modernized with extensive lighting.”

A tour of the museum has nine galleries filled with many ancient artefacts. 12th/13th century Shivalinga, 14th/15th century Shivalinga and Gauripatra, 11th/12th century Lakshmi sitting on owl. The museum has several ancient Vishnu idols, including one of the 11th/12th century. There are statues of ancient gods and goddesses decorated with bricks, various ancient coins, stone tablets, and hundreds of historical and traditional artifacts.

Assistant Custodian Hasanuzzaman said the old Collectorate building is a monument of colonial architectural heritage. It is also the first administrative building constructed in Bangladesh. The museum presents various artifacts including the history of the building, details of the architectural style, photographs and construction materials. The nine galleries decorated with dotala contain inscriptions of the Muslim period in Persian script, terracotta artifacts of the Gupta period, stone-built Pala period Buddha images, terracotta plaques of the Sultanate period inlaid with lotuses, earthenware, taijaspatra, gramophones, furniture, Shiva linga, Krishnamurti, Hargauri murti, Mahadeva murti, bronze vessels, Many valuable and interesting artefacts including stone garlands are arranged for display.

Apart from this, there is geographical and natural familiarity of Barisal division. Information and photographs of Barisal division’s achievements. The glorious rich history of Barisal is presented in cultural heritage and art. From these one can get an idea about the glorious cultural heritage, folk art and art of Barisal.

When asked whether any initiative has been taken to alleviate the drought of visitors to this museum rich in antiquities, Hasanuzzaman said that the number of school and college students in the museum is low. As part of the campaign, letters have been given to various educational institutions. But he could not remember when he gave it.

If necessary, he said to send a new letter again.

“Earlier there was a single entrance to the museum. The number of visitors has increased since another entrance was made next to the main road last February. 5 thousand 947 visitors came to the museum in the last 8 months.” He said.

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