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Medical services at Shebachim Hospital changed after ACC raid – Misc

The medical services of Barisal Sher-e Bangla Medical College Hospital have changed since the anti-corruption commission (ACC)’s Jhatika operation. After the operation of the ACC last Tuesday morning, most of the internal and external doctors joined work by 8 am. Where in earlier days it was difficult to find a doctor, today the presence of doctors has surprised the patients.

On other days, it took 12 pm to 1 pm to complete the visit (round) of senior doctors in the inter-wards, but on Thursday, the round was completed by 10:30 am. This has brought relief to the patients. Doctors in 17 internal and 16 external medical departments now reach office by 8 am. On other days, the operation in the outpatient department started after 9 o’clock, but now the doctors started seeing the patients at around 8 o’clock. Most of the doctors attend by 8 in the inter department as well. As well as in the medical college, doctors entered the office on time today.

Assistant director of the hospital asked to know the secret of changing the appearance of doctors in a day. Md. Moniruzzaman told Daily that the doctors may have realized. That’s why they came to the office on time. Outpatient office hours in government hospitals are 8 am to 2.30 pm. Although the office hours start at 8 in the inter-ward, the doctors work there all day.

Meanwhile, the anti-corruption commission’s (ACC) Barisal district office has found evidence of six irregularities in an operation conducted at the hospital last Tuesday (September 6). This information was obtained by reviewing the overall report of the expedition. Even on the official Facebook page of the commission, this information has been presented.

Anti-Corruption Commission informed that the victim’s complaint was Dr. Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital. Amitabh Sarkar and Dr. Anwar Hossain Bablu does not perform official duties. He is busy in private chambers even while performing official duties. He was nowhere to be found in his room, class room or hospital ward at the college’s Department of Medicine and Neurology at 9 am on Tuesday. His room was completely locked. The principal of the medical college Dr. Moniruzzaman Shaheen was also absent. The ACC team called him on his mobile and asked him to come to the office. When the principal Moniruzzaman Shaheen came to the office, he refused to give information regarding the attendance of other doctors. On the other hand, Dr. ACC team did not find Anwar Hossain Bablu even at 10 am. The college principal could not give any answer or information regarding this. And at least one and a half hours after the office hours set by the government, 15 doctors made a biometric appearance in the principal’s room in front of the ACC team. The observation of the ACC team revealed that there was no senior doctor in charge except one or two intern doctors in the medicine, orthopedics department of the hospital.

It is known that Dr. Anwar Hossain Bablu and Dr. The victims filed a complaint against all the senior doctors of the hospital including the name of Amitabh Sarkar. Actually the senior doctors of the hospital are busy with the private chambers so the medical services are provided by the trainee doctors.

ACC’s Barisal Integrated District Office said that the operation was conducted under the leadership of Assistant Director Raj Kumar Saha based on the complaints received on the ACC’s hotline (106) and subject to the permission of the ACC Head Office. During the operation, the relatives of the patients who were waiting for services and the patients who were being treated in the ward also reported about the lack of doctors and poor management in the hospital. There are several complaints against the doctors here, including spending time in the private chambers of doctors, sending hospital patients for clinic-diagnosis, commission trade, rather than performing government duties.

On the other hand, last Wednesday (September 7) the Bangladesh Medical Association Barisal branch submitted a memorandum to the Divisional Commissioner seeking the prosecution of an officer of the ACC raid team. Along with that, the doctors have announced a strict movement. According to their memorandum, the Abhiyanik team misbehaved with Assistant Professor of Medicine Masum Ahmed. They behaved rudely with the college principal and threatened legal action. The expedition team did not file any specific charges but instead created an atmosphere of intimidation and summoned journalists to spread the news. The medical community is angry with the ACC team’s behavior. Bangladesh Medical Association will take strict action if any harassing action is taken against the doctors.

However, according to analysts, doctors are doing these dramatic actions to divert the main events. Rabindra Researcher Anisur Rahman Swapan, the former chief officer of Radio Tehran’s Bengali Department, told Daily that ACC does not have to give the information that the doctors in Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital are not performing their duties properly, they are busy in the chambers outside, instead of performing official duties. Everyone in Barisal knows about this irregularity. The ACC campaign there is a very good initiative. And the programs that the doctors are carrying out against this campaign are undoubtedly to divert attention. The doctors are trying to put pressure on the ACC.

Member Secretary of Combined Social Movement Barisal Kazi Enayet Hossain Shibalu told Daily that ACC is a constitutional institution. The doctors are joining forces to take their welfare campaign in different sectors. I think this movement ignores the government responsibility to hide the irregularities they do. The language the doctors speak makes it seem like the hospital is a charity. Actually it is a government hospital. It runs on people’s money. So I applaud the ACC campaign. Along with that, I demand strict action against the doctors who do not perform their duties properly.

Incidentally, a unit of Anti-Corruption Commission raided Sher-e-Bangla Medical College and Hospital last Tuesday morning. The college principal Dr. did not help with information in that campaign. Moniruzzaman Shaheen. Besides, doctors and college students protested immediately after the operation.

The article is in Bengali

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