Electricity blackout in Barisal and Khulna divisions

Electricity blackout in Barisal and Khulna divisions
Electricity blackout in Barisal and Khulna divisions

The executive director of ‘Nagad’ Limited has received an international leadership award for unique leadership qualities in the economic sector of Bangladesh. Safayet Alam. UK-based financial journal ‘Business Tabloid’. Safayet has awarded Alam as a ‘Visionary Leader in Digital Finance’ for his strategic, sustainable and visionary actions in his field of work.

Telecommunications, Information Technology, Electronics and Digital Finance (DFS) sector. Safayet Alam has had a colorful career spanning 26 years. He is a very important person for his numerous contributions in the commercial sector of Bangladesh. As an Executive Director of the world’s fastest growing digital financial service ‘Nagad’, he has contributed significantly to the growth of this organization with his strategic approach. As an Executive Director he has been instrumental in achieving various milestones of ‘Nagad’. Business tabloids have given him the title of ‘Visionary Leader in Digital Finance’ in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the country’s trade sector.

Since 2019, the business tabloid has been recognizing various famous people across the world based on their talent and skills. Each year the nominees are judged by an independent committee from among the people who love the publication. Innovation, transparency, leadership and various criteria are considered in awarding this award.

This year the magazine honored and awarded 10 such leaders from around the world. Those who have brought a revolutionary change in the economy with their extraordinary work. The first person to receive this award from the fintech sector of Bangladesh is the executive director of ‘Nagad’. Safayet Alam.

The executive director of ‘Nagad’. Reacting to receiving this award, Safait Alam said, ‘I feel very honored that my contribution and work has been recognized by such a prestigious magazine. Naqd has taken several initiatives to change the situation during this time, which has had a great impact on the economic and commercial sector of the country. I am proud to be a part of the journey of one of the world’s fastest growing fintech companies.’

The more notable recipients of this award in 2022 are Mateo Boffa of UAE Green Entrepreneur of the Year, Shahid Yusuf of SY Capital Estates of UAE for outstanding contribution to the real estate sector, Dr. ADNOC Distribution of UAE as Best HR Transformational Leader. Shanabas Koya, Oman’s Zayed Al Abdul Latif for outstanding contribution to the banking sector, Singapore’s Christian Patro as the best satellite executive, Kazakhstan’s Abhay Sarkulov as the best banking chairman and many others received this award.

Earlier, Bangladesh Postal Department’s mobile financial service ‘Nagad’ was awarded as the ‘Best Digital Financial Service Provider of 2020’ by Business Tabloid. After starting its journey in March 2019, the country’s second largest MFS institution ‘Nagad’ has already received many awards and recognitions. Among these awards are the ‘Digital Opportunity and Financial Inclusion’ award given by the World Information and Technology Services Alliance (WITSA) or the ‘Best Fintech Startup of 2020’ award among others.

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