The incidence of malaria is increasing in Chittagong 1181646 | The voice of time

The incidence of malaria is increasing in Chittagong 1181646 | The voice of time
The incidence of malaria is increasing in Chittagong 1181646 | The voice of time

The number of malaria cases has increased in Chittagong compared to the last few years. The number of deaths has also increased. In the first eight months of this year, 63 malaria patients were detected in the Chittagong Medical College (CHMEC) hospital alone. At this time, 9 people died; Whereas a total of 39 patients were identified in the previous two years.


And 12 people died.

This information is known from the source of Chamek Hospital. Not only this hospital, the number of malaria cases is increasing in five districts (Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Bandarban, Rangamati and Khagrachari) out of 11 districts of Chittagong division.

Meanwhile, Chittagong civil surgeon Dr. A meeting was held with 28 doctors and officials including Mohammad Ilyach Chowdhury. The meeting discussed about what to do about the malaria situation. If you want to know Dr. Mohammad Ilyach Chowdhury told Kal Kantha last Monday, ‘Malaria patients are supposed to be zero. But it is slowly increasing. We are careful. Various guidelines have been given in the meeting with the concerned officials of the Health Department. Work accordingly. ‘

According to Chamek Hospital sources, out of 1,088 patients admitted with fever in 2020, 13 were diagnosed with malaria. The next year, 1,463 people were tested and 26 malaria cases were detected. And in the last eight months of this year, 63 of 1,242 people were diagnosed with malaria. Malaria killed six people in 2020, six in 2021 and nine in eight months of this year. Among them are two residents of Bandarban, one of Rangamati, two of Cox’s Bazar, three of Chittagong and one of Rangpur.

Meanwhile, it was learned that after going to the medicine and children’s ward of Chamek Hospital last Sunday, five people have been discharged after receiving treatment for malaria in the previous two days. On August 30, a teenager named Mantho (14) from Lama in Bandarban got malaria and was admitted to Medicine Ward No. 13 of Chamek Hospital. After three days of treatment, the teenager voluntarily left the hospital at noon on September 2. It is known that four children under treatment for malaria got well and left the hospital last Saturday.

According to the information of the Chittagong Divisional Director (Health) office, in the five districts of Chittagong Division, a total of 6,104 malaria patients were detected in 2020, and seven died. The following year, the number of identified patients increased to 7,201. The number of dead also increases, 9 people. And in the first six months of this year (from January to June), 6,909 malaria patients have been detected in these five districts. And at least 12 people died. It is expected that the number of identified patients and deaths will increase by the end of the year.

Analyzing these data, it can be seen that among the five districts of Chittagong division, the highest number of malaria cases have been detected in three hill districts and Cox’s Bazar.

Chittagong Medical College Professor of Medicine Department working on malaria prevention research. Aniruddha Ghosh told Jai Kal Kantha that the sudden increase in malaria is alarming. Earlier people were affected in hilly areas but now people in urban areas are affected by malaria.

Talking to some expert doctors, it is known that despite the increase in malaria, the supply of preventive tablets and injections in the market is somewhat less. If asked, National Malaria Eradication Program Cox’s Bazar and Chittagong Surveillance Medical Officer (SMO) Dr. Mohammad Sirajul Islam said, under the Malaria Eradication Program, all medicines including test kits are provided to hospitals. However, this drug is not readily available in the market. Action needs to be taken in this regard.

Bangladesh Chemist and Druggist Central Committee Vice President and Chittagong President Sameer Sikder said almost the same thing. He said, ‘Previously, the anti-malarial tablets and injections of several well-known pharmaceutical companies were in the market. Now the market is in short supply. ‘

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