Bangladesh wants to be champion (Video)


The qualifiers for the 2023 Women’s T20 World Cup begin in the middle of this month. Bangladesh women, who have been playing T20 World Cup regularly since 2014, have to pass the qualifiers if they want to play in the main stage of the upcoming World Cup.

To that end, the Tigresses will fly to the Emirates to play the qualifiers starting from September 14. Before that, Bangladesh women’s team captain Nigar Sultana Jyoti faced the press conference. The captain of the Tigresses said that their goal is to become the champion in the qualifiers.

However, Bangladesh women have won the qualifiers before. Bangladesh, who were champions in 2016 and 2020 qualifiers, were runners-up in 2018. Bangladesh women’s goal is to qualify for the main stage by becoming champions.

According to Jyoti, ‘Of course we want to be champions (in the qualifiers). But our first goal is to qualify. If we can play as a team and the batsmen can do their job properly, if we can show our bowling power properly, then we can qualify.’

Meanwhile, despite doing well in the qualifiers, the women of Bangladesh seem to lose their momentum when they come to the main stage. So far, Salma Khatun-Rumanara has won only 1 out of 16 matches played in the main phase of the Women’s T20 World Cup. However, captain Jyoti said he is confident that there is unity among the players of the current team.

In the voice of this tigress, ‘This team of ours has been playing together for a long time. So everyone knows about everyone’s game Have faith in yourself. This unity of ours makes us confident.’

Qualifiers will start from September 14 and end on September 26. However, the cricketers of the women’s team are flying to the Emirates well before the start of the qualifiers. Jyoti added that he is already flying in order to adapt.

‘We have never played at the Emirates before. The condition there is not like here. So it will be difficult to adapt. That’s why go there early. This camp will be very useful for us.’

Bangladesh has been placed in a tough group in the qualifiers. Bangladesh’s partners in Group ‘A’ are Ireland, Scotland and USA. The other group ‘B’ has Thailand, Zimbabwe, Papua New Guinea and United Arab Emirates.

Bangladesh’s qualifiers will begin on September 18 with a match against Ireland Women. The next day, the Tigresses will play against Scotland. Nigra Sultana Jyoti’s team will play their last match in the group stage against USA on September 21.

Bangladesh Team Squad for Qualifiers:

Nigar Sultana Jyoti (captain), Sharmeen Akhtar Supta, Shamima Sultana, Farzana Haque Pinki, Rumana Ahmed, Ritu Moni, Lata Mandal, Salma Khatun, Sobhana Mostari, Nahida Akhtar, Murshida Khatun, Jahanara Alam, Fahima Khatun, Sanjida Akhtar Meghla and Marufa Akhtar

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