Assam Chief Minister’s arrogant statement about Bangladesh

Kneeling foreign policy to keep Delhi happy gives them the courage to speak anti-Bangladesh, border killings happen: Dr. Nurul Amin Traders Peace has been established in 7 North-Eastern states of India due to Bangladesh: Trade and commerce are expanding as the movement of freedom fighters has stopped; That’s the reward of the BJP leader!
As the saying goes, ‘Coal doesn’t wash dirt’. No matter how much the coal is washed, the scum will not stop; Likewise, India’s aggressive policy towards Bangladesh will not stop even if India is given all the benefits. Despite the claims of ‘husband-wife relationship’, ‘blood ties’ and ‘role model in the world of friendship between the two countries’, the conspiracy of the Hindutva country against Bangladesh will continue. Because of Bangladesh, the freedom fighters of 7 states in the northeastern part of the country broke up the war. Preserved integrity by being saved from fragmentation. Still, the anti-Bangladesh statements and conspiracies of the leaders and ministers of the country’s ruling party did not stop. Even though a country like Nepal responded to the aggressive policy of Modi’s India, Bangladesh is silently digesting the arrogant behavior and humiliation of that country! However, even though the country’s policy makers are ‘silent’ from the mentality of staying in power and coming to power at the mercy of Delhi, the common people of the country continue to protest.

When Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is visiting India (September 5 to September 8); At that time, the Chief Minister of Assam, Hemant Biswa Sharma, made an arrogant comment. This BJP leader spoke about uniting Bangladesh with India. Before this, he threatened to expel the Muslim citizens living in that state to Bangladesh. Not only that, while the Prime Minister of Bangladesh is busy in Delhi, the news comes that the Indian Border Force has shot and killed a Bangladeshi at Dainur border in BJP Dinajpur Sadar Upazila, two are still missing. The border firing of Bangladeshis and a Chief Minister’s brazen remarks offering to ‘merge Bangladesh with India’ send a message when the two neighboring countries are promoting the highest level of friendly relations.

Some of the ruling Awami League leaders, ministers and intellectuals describe India’s relationship with Bangladesh as ‘blood relationship’, some as ‘wife-wife relationship’, some as ‘fraternal relationship’, some as ‘birth relationship’ etc. But the ruling BJP leaders of India are giving arrogant statements about Bangladesh and Muslims one after another. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who is visiting Delhi on September 7, held a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi; Then the Chief Minister of Assam State, Hemant Biswa Sharma’s ‘speech of inclusion of Bangladesh in India’ is giving a message? Hemant Sharma did not apologize after making such controversial comments about independent-sovereign Bangladesh; So far there has been no action taken against him by the BJP or diplomatic apology to Bangladesh. On the other hand, Bangladesh has not protested the Assam Chief Minister’s speech so far. There has been a storm of controversy on social media. Netizens are making various comments, giving speeches, and protesting. Some are embroiled in controversy.

If asked, the former chairman of the political science department of Dhaka University, political science professor Dr. Nurul Amin Bapari said that due to the kneeling foreign policy of the present government, BJP leaders and ministers of India are making arrogant statements one after another. Because Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Modi’s followers think they brought Awami League to power in 2009. In 2014 and 2018, he was installed in power without a vote. Due to which the government officials do not have the courage to protest against the arrogant statements of BJP leaders. That is why the Ministry of External Affairs is not protesting the border killings and the Assam Chief Minister’s statement.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina held a bilateral meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 7 on a 4-day visit to Delhi. Then Narendra Modi said in the joint press conference of the prime ministers of the two countries, ‘The relationship between the two countries has now reached a high level. India always wants development of friendly Bangladesh. Bangladesh is one of India’s development partners and fourth largest exporting country. Therefore, India always wants the development and stability of Bangladesh. On the other hand, Sheikh Hasina said, ‘Thousands of Indian citizens are now working in Bangladesh. They are contributing to the economy of both countries. Currently, the relationship between Bangladesh and India is known as a role model of diplomacy. Not only that, the largest number of tourists and patients come to India from Bangladesh for treatment.’ Earlier, Sheikh Hasina said in a press conference at Ganabhaban after visiting India in 2019, ‘They will remember all their lives what we have given to India.’ Bangladesh is giving so much to India while the Chief Minister of one of the Indian states is talking about Bangladesh’s inclusion in India! Bangladesh gained independence and sovereignty in 1971 through the liberation war. Bangladesh occupies a seat of honor in the world court. After he made a brazen comment to include the country in India, there was a storm of protest on social media. The surprising thing is that despite such a statement by the Chief Minister of Assam, the country’s political parties, intellectuals, civil society are keeping silent instead of protesting. The silence of intellectuals and politicians is mysterious. Even the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is silent on this matter! So far the Indian ambassador working in Dhaka has not been summoned. Even the media did not protest or express their views through statements. However, last week Myanmar’s mortar shells fell on the soil of Bangladesh for several reasons including summoning the Myanmar ambassador working in Dhaka to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and protesting strongly. So the question is whether the political parties and intellectuals of Bangladesh do not have the courage to protest against such statements of BJP leaders of India?

Bangladesh is small in size but geographically very important due to location. Without the help of Bangladesh it was difficult for India to hold on to the 7 states in their northeastern region. For ages, the freedom fighters of those states have been agitating for independence. But those freedom fighters stopped because Bangladesh did not allow them at the border. Moreover, besides the opportunity to use road-sea-rail transit and all kinds of ports within Bangladesh, trade has been expanded freely. Bangladesh’s Foreign Minister Dr. In the speech of AK Abdul Momen and Chief Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sharma. On August 19, Chittagong’s Janmashtami ceremony, Dr. AK Abdul Momen created a storm of controversy by saying ‘I have told India to do whatever it takes to bring Sheikh Hasina to power’; At that time he said that the speech of the Chief Minister of Assam was presented. Dr. Momen said, after I went to the state of Assam, the Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma told me that India is now doing well in business because of Bangladesh’s assistance. Punishment has been established in 7 states due to the cessation of border terrorism. In view of the Chief Minister’s speech, I said that Sheikh Hasina should be brought to power. Millions of Indian citizens work in Bangladesh. India’s expenditure on border guarding has decreased as Bangladesh has not tolerated the separatists in India’s northeastern region, etc.

India and the state of Assam have benefited so much from Bangladesh because of which the chief minister of the state has to digest such an arrogant statement about Bangladesh?
There is no reason to believe that Himanta Biswa Sharma made such statements in Mukh Phos. Earlier also he threatened to send the Muslims of Assam to Bangladesh. Moreover, Himanta Sharma is the leader of BJP. And BJP’s parent and ideological organization Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS). The Hindutva organization has been campaigning for the establishment of the so-called ‘AkhÐ Bharat’ since its inception. This ‘AkhÐ India’ also includes Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Tibet and Myanmar. Most of the political parties, including the Congress, are protesting against this anti-India policy of the RSS. A large section of the country’s intellectuals, civil society, is dismissing the RSS’s ‘AkhÐ Bharat’ dream as a threat to all.

Meanwhile, the border guarding forces of India continue to kill Bangladeshis on the border. Yesterday, a Bangladeshi youth named Minhaj (19) was killed by Indian Border Guard Force-BSF on Dinajpur border. Two more Bangladeshis are missing in this incident. The deceased Minhaj Dinajpur is the son of Jahangir Hossain of village Khanpur Bhitarpara of Askarpur Union No. 9 of Sadar Upazila. The two missing youths are Emtazul (30) son of Latiful Islam of Khanpur Khudihara village of the same union and Sagar (20) son of Salman of Bhitarpara village of the same union. Some say they are under treatment for two gunshot wounds.

The killing of civilians on the border has become a cause of concern for Bangladesh. In July last year, the Home Minister of Bangladesh told the Parliament that a total of 294 Bangladeshis have been killed by the BSF on the Bangladesh-India border in the last 10 years. 66 people were killed in 2009, 55 in 2010, 24 in 2011 and 2012, 18 in 2013, 24 in 2014, 38 in 2015, 25 in 2016, 17 in 2017 and only 3 in 2018. has been The border guards of the two countries hold a conference every year. In those conferences, the Indian Border Guard Force pledged to adopt a ‘zero tolerance policy’ for border killings. But the border killings are not stopping.

In this context, political scientist professor Dr. Nurul Amin Bapari said, India is a strong fan of soft. They do not dare to fire on Pakistan, China border. The Indians killed one while the others killed two. Even the Indian border guards on the Myanmar and Nepal border do not dare to kill people. But Bangladesh is an exception. Because Delhi thinks they have put the government in power. If you say something against Bangladesh or kill people on the border, you will not have the courage to protest. That is why these things are happening. But it is true, the people of Bangladesh are protesting against this aggressive action of India.

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