A strange baby was born in Khulna

A strange baby was born in Khulna
A strange baby was born in Khulna

A strange baby was born in Khulna General Hospital with arms, legs fried, no skull and a big head. Besides, the child has two more eyes under the eyes. But after the baby was born, there was a crowd of eager people around the hospital.

The newborn is still alive. His father Atiyar Rahman, mother Asma Begum is a resident of Nirala city.

Jotsna Begum, senior staff nurse of Khulna Sadar Hospital, said that on September 5, a woman named Asma, who was 30 weeks pregnant, was admitted to the hospital. Asma Begum’s labor pains started on Thursday morning. But during delivery we have to get a lot of speed during normal delivery. The head was not coming out because the baby was big in size. Still we don’t give up and we keep trying. After the baby is born, you can see the appearance in the form of a strange shape.

In this regard, Khulna General Hospital Gynecology Department Head Ismat Ara Rozi said, I know the matter. Came to me for treatment before delivery. I examined him initially and realized that the child had no head flesh and no skull. In addition, the shape of the head is very large. That’s why I directed him to hospitalize immediately. But the child was quite defective even before birth. I heard that the mother of the newborn child has left the hospital.

(Dhakatimes/September 9/LA)

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