Salimpur to the Prime Minister’s office

Salimpur to the Prime Minister’s office
Salimpur to the Prime Minister’s office

Chittagong: The government has taken the initiative to construct various government facilities on 3 thousand 100 acres of government land in Jungle Salimpur of Sitakunda Upazila. The government took this initiative to protect the environment and biodiversity of this area.

In order to implement this, a high-level meeting of the government will be held at noon on September 12 at the Prime Minister’s office.

Thursday (September 1) Director of the Prime Minister’s Office Dr. This information was informed in a letter signed by Mohammad Mohibul Hasan. Chief Secretary to the Prime Minister will attend the meeting. Ahmad Kaykaus.

Department of Public Safety, Department of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Housing and Public Works, Department of Local Government, Department of Power, Ministry of Lands, Department of Rural Development and Cooperatives, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Affairs, Ministry of Disaster Management and Ministry, Department of Security Services, Relief Senior Secretary of Law and Justice Department, Armed Forces Department, Heads of Police, RAB, Ansar and Gram Raksha Bahini, Divisional Commissioner of Chittagong, Deputy Commissioner and representatives of related organizations have been invited. Chittagong City Corporation Mayor M. Rezaul Karim and CDA Chairman have been specially invited.

For almost three decades, thousands of illegal structures have been built on the hills of Jungle Salimpur. Besides, various terrorist forces have formed here. The district administration has been conducting eviction operations there for the past one month.

It is known that once Jungle Salimpur was known as an isolated area of ​​Chittagong. No one could enter without the identity card given by Bhumikheko and terrorists. They were guarded so that no one from the administration could enter. The area was a terrorist sanctuary. Jungle Salimpur area has many hills but land grabbers and terrorists are cutting hills and selling plots. Due to which the environment has been severely damaged. Bhoomi Khekora has cut the hills, built illegal settlements with illegal electricity connections. Later, the district administration, Chittagong took notice. Rescue operations of about 3 thousand 100 acres of Khas land are going on in several operations in the forest Salimpur under the initiative of the district administration. Several cases were filed against land robbers and terrorists in Salimpur.

Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Mominur Rahman told BanglaNews that we have recovered about 3 thousand 100 acres of Khas land in Jungle Salimpur area. Land grabbers have looted crores of rupees by selling plot-wise occupancy rights to common people. Several cases have already been registered against them and some are in jail.

He also said that the issue of 3 thousand 100 acres of Khas land recovered in Salimpur forest came to the attention of the government. That is why a high-level meeting of the government is going to be held on September 12 to discuss how to implement the government’s plan by greening the jungle Salimpur area to restore the balance of the environment and the environment by protecting the mountains and forests. Through this master plan, the dark age of jungle Salimpur area will end.

Bangladesh Time: 1810 hours, September 04, 2022

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