Whether Jai is coming to politics, what the Prime Minister said

Whether Jai is coming to politics, what the Prime Minister said
Whether Jai is coming to politics, what the Prime Minister said

Prime Minister’s IT advisor Sajib Wazed Joy will be active in politics, it depends on him and the people of the country, said his mother Awami League President Sheikh Hasina.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said this in an interview given to the country’s news agency ANI ahead of her visit to India. ANI published the interview on Sunday.

The prime minister said that Joy’s thoughts and suggestions are working in the transformation of digital Bangladesh.

‘Look he’s grown up. It (entering politics) depends on him. But he is working for the country. The ongoing work of Digital Bangladesh, especially satellite, submarine cable connection, computer training is all being done from his idea’, added the Prime Minister.
You know, he’s helping me, he’s doing this. However, he never thought of getting any position in the party or ministry.

He is number one member in the triennial conference of Pirganj Upazila Awami League of Jai Rangpur.

Sheikh Hasina mentioned that Sajib Wazed Joy should take an important responsibility in the Awami League.

He said, even in our party conference, there was a strong demand to take his post. Then I told him, go to the microphone, say what you want to do. He went, said, ‘At the moment I don’t want a position in the team. Rather, those who are working here should be given posts. Why should I occupy a position? I am with mother. I am working for the country, helping my mother. I will do this.’

‘He actually thinks so. So I don’t have to do anything for that. I won’t.”

Asked what he thinks about bringing his son to the post of the party, the Prime Minister said, ‘It depends on the people of the country.’

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