India and Bangladesh are ideal model of bilateral relations

India and Bangladesh are ideal model of bilateral relations
India and Bangladesh are ideal model of bilateral relations

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is set to begin her four-day visit to India from Monday and is expected to hold bilateral talks on connectivity, energy and food security as well as trade and investment.

Both Bangladesh and India have many similarities in terms of culture, economy, language, political history and religion. Besides, India’s role in the independence of Bangladesh is also considerable. But even then, relations between New Delhi and Dhaka were never particularly warm or conflict-free.

However, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Dhaka last year boosted the relationship between the two countries somewhat. In recent years, several agreements have been reached between the countries, both diplomatically and economically.

Under the visionary leadership of Indian Prime Minister Modi and Sheikh Hasina, India and Bangladesh have achieved tangible results in various fields including demarcation of land and sea borders, security, connectivity.

Last year, the United Nations decided to exclude South Asian economies from the list of least developed countries in the world. Notably, both countries have mutual benefits ranging from security and border management.

Sheikh Hasina’s upcoming visit is expected to be of importance at a time of temporary instability due to post-Covid economic shocks and post-Ukraine-Russia war economic shocks.

Bilateral relations between India and Bangladesh have progressed over time as an exemplary model of cooperation where amicable solutions to impending problems are found through negotiation and constructive discussions. As the two countries emerged from an uninterrupted geographical, historical and cultural continuum.

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