Half a hundred young women were abducted and 1500 robbery villains were arrested

Half a hundred young women were abducted and 1500 robbery villains were arrested
Half a hundred young women were abducted and 1500 robbery villains were arrested

The main accused in the incident of robbery in Diabari with students of Dhaka University from Kalyanpur in the capital. Detective police have arrested four persons including Shakil Ahmed Rubel. The 28-year-old man named Shakeel Ahmed Rubel has been accused of abducting more than half a hundred young women, robbing them of their belongings and behaving indecently, the police said.

After arresting four people on Saturday, DB held a press conference on Sunday afternoon at DMP’s media center on Minto Road in the capital. The remaining three arrested are Md. Akash Sheikh (22), Delwar Hossain (55) and Md. Habibur Rahman.

In a press conference at Dhaka’s Minto Road on Sunday, Dhaka Metropolitan Intelligence Police Additional Commissioner Mohammad Harun Or Rashid said that there are six cases against Rubel in different police stations.

According to the police, Rubel has robbed about 1500 in the last 10 years. He abducted more than half a hundred girls and treated them indecently.

Three places including Gazipur have been found as Ruble’s permanent address. The police are not yet sure which address is correct.

Haroon Or Rasheed said Rubel’s ‘strategy’ was to abduct school-college and university girls and misbehave.

According to the police, in most of the cases, the students did not report the matter to the police after being abducted and robbed. Gold jewelry, mobile phone and bag were lost, but they used to hide the matter for fear of public shame due to indecent behavior. Rubel picked up a female student in Barisal too.

On August 25, Rubel took the third-year student of Dhaka University to the Diabari area of ​​Turag police station on a motorcycle from Kalyanpur in the capital, saying that she would be taken to the police station. There, he snatched the bag with gold chain and earrings from the girl.

The student filed a case at Turag police station in the capital. There, he said, the robber’s motorcycle had a sticker saying ‘Police’.

Harun Or Rashid said that Rubel had picked up the student of Dhaka University on August 25, he robbed that motorcycle on August 12. He used to commit such incidents by stealing or renting motorcycles.

It was said in the press conference that the other three arrested had provided assistance to Rubel by renting motorcycles or otherwise. But they are not directly involved in kidnapping or extortion.

Harun Or Rashid said that Rubel introduced the Dhaka University student as ‘police’ that day. He had a pistol in his waist, a wakitki in his hand. During preliminary interrogation, he admitted to abducting women in the same manner in different areas including Purbachal, Gazipur, Uttara, Chapainawabganj, Faridpur.

According to the police, Rubel, who studied up to the sixth standard, did not rent any house in Dhaka. He was committing these crimes from the hotel. He was arrested more than once and went to jail.

The additional commissioner said that an investigation is being conducted as to where Rubel got the sticker with the police logo. He advised students and parents to ‘be alert’ if someone comes on a motorcycle and tries to impersonate the police.

Haroon Or Rashid said, the police do not assume this way. He has to be challenged. If necessary, the surrounding people should be gathered and informed about the matter.

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