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Zainul Abedin Park eviction operation of Mosik

Zainul Abedin Park eviction operation of Mosik
Zainul Abedin Park eviction operation of Mosik

The mobile court of Mymensingh City Corporation (MOSIC) has evicted more than two hundred shops illegally built in Zainul Abedin Park, one of the entertainment centers of Mymensingh city.

On Sunday (September 4) at noon, Mosik’s chief waste management officer and executive magistrate. This operation was carried out under the leadership of Arifur Rahman.

The eviction operation started from in front of Himu Adda restaurant at Kachari Ghat of the city to Zainul Abedin Museum.

Meanwhile, the working people who have become jobless due to the eviction said that their families are supported by the income from the shops in the park. Due to eviction now their income has stopped.

Executive Magistrate Arifur Rahman said, ‘Zainul Abedin Park is the lungs of Mymensingh. Every day many citizens come here. For their comfort and safety, the shops built illegally around the park have been evicted.

Mymensingh City Corporation’s Public Relations Officer Sheikh Mahabul Hossain Rajeev said, “The City Corporation has a plan to assist those affected in their rehabilitation.”

Executive Magistrate among others during the operation. Masud Rana, Public Relations Officer Sheikh Mahabul Hossain Rajeev, Assistant Secretary Md. Aminul Islam Jahangir, members of law and order forces were present.

The article is in Bengali

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