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Analysts say that the Prime Minister’s visit to India this time is significant

Analysts say that the Prime Minister’s visit to India this time is significant

Published: September 4, 2022 11:16 am

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is going to India tomorrow on a state visit. Analysts consider the visit significant at this time of global economic crisis. Besides, they think that this visit has political importance in the year before the election. It is expected that Dhaka and New Delhi will sign several memorandums of understanding in the trade and commerce sector in addition to water distribution of the Kushiara river.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is visiting India for the second time in the third consecutive term of power. Dhaka and New Delhi will once again review all issues of relations during this summit visit from September 5 to 8. Apart from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will meet Indian President Draupadi Murmu for the first time during this visit.

Even in this tour, the much expected water confluence of Teesta is not opening. However, the agreement on Kushiara river water is almost final. Apart from this, the two prime ministers will also talk about how to work together to solve the energy crisis in the post-war Russia-Ukraine reality.

International relations analyst Sahab Enam Khan says that economic cooperation will be discussed. Besides, even if the Teesta problem is not solved during this visit, I can get some instructions about water distribution in the case of Kushiara or some other rivers. There can also be discussions in the field of energy. Besides, Bangladesh can clarify its position on secularism during this visit.

In addition to combating terrorism and militancy, the issue of regional security and stability may also be discussed. Being the closest neighbor, Bangladesh-India has increased communication on various issues. Many believe that neighboring India is an important factor in Bangladesh’s internal politics and even elections. Therefore, many analysts consider the Prime Minister’s visit as important. Former Foreign Secretary Touhid Hossain believes that the controversial remarks made by the Foreign Minister recently, though denied, he actually said.

The Indian Prime Minister came to Dhaka amidst Corona to celebrate 50 years of Bangladesh’s independence. Then Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will visit Delhi.

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