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‘Bangladesh borrows carefully, will not fall into Sri Lanka’s situation’

‘Bangladesh borrows carefully, will not fall into Sri Lanka’s situation’
‘Bangladesh borrows carefully, will not fall into Sri Lanka’s situation’

Dismissing the fear of Bangladesh becoming Sri Lanka, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that despite the Covid-19 infection and the conflict in Ukraine, Bangladesh’s economy is in a strong position. Besides, when Bangladesh takes a loan, it takes a lot of thought and makes a proper plan.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is leaving for a four-day state visit to India on Monday (August 5) at the invitation of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said these things in an interview given to Asian News International (ANI) on the eve of this.

In the interview, the Prime Minister commented that not only Bangladesh but the whole world is going through a crisis moment.

He said, our country is still in a strong position. We’ve dealt with Covid-19, now the Russia-Ukraine war. These have had an impact. If the loan rate is fixed, Bangladesh always repays the loan on time. So our loan rates are very low.

In the context of Sri Lanka, the trajectory and development of our economy is very planned – said the Prime Minister.

Sheikh Hasina firmly said that Bangladesh does not take any loan until it is confirmed whether the project will be profitable.

I think the whole world is facing an economic crisis. So are we. Some people are making it an issue. It also says that Bangladesh will become Sri Lanka. But I can assure them, no, it won’t happen. Because we implement our development projects properly. And plan ahead how to return it. Let’s think first how people will benefit, don’t waste money on unnecessary projects.’

Sheikh Hasina said that the government of Bangladesh thinks of taking a loan only when it sees the return for the country if the project is completed. We undertake projects and programs with that plan in mind. Don’t spend unnecessary money.

Experts claim that Sri Lanka’s economic collapse is due to ambitious projects, borrowing at high rates from countries like China and failure to repay them on time. Many experts refer to this type of loan as a ‘trap’. Which is especially dangerous for developing countries.

In this context, Sheikh Hasina said that her government takes planning very systematically. I believe, we will not face Sri Lanka situation. Not only that, but on policy, we have been taking our people with us since the start of the pandemic. We have provided all kinds of support up to the village level. Encouraged people to grow more food. I have always told them, you increase food production so that you don’t have to depend on others.

However, Sheikh Hasina admitted that the conflict in Ukraine has created some problems in the country. He said there is no doubt that the war has had an adverse effect. Especially the imported products have been affected.

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