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Al Amin’s wife is human chained in front of BCB

Al Amin’s wife is human chained in front of BCB
Al Amin’s wife is human chained in front of BCB

Israt Jahan’s wife is standing in front of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) demanding justice for national cricket team pacer Al-Amin Hossain.

He did this human chain in front of Mirpur Cricket Stadium on Sunday (September 4) at 12:30 PM.

Israt Jahan said, tell the Prime Minister through journalists that she is a mother, where will I take my two children? Ask him for help. May he judge fairly.

Al Amin is not paying any expenses, he said, my family is driving me. With the help of the police, Al-Amin is at home. In a letter to BCB, Al Amin’s wife demanded to investigate and take appropriate action.

Israt Jahan’s relative Mehdi said that since BCB is Al Amin’s guardian. We will agree with whatever decision they make. Police are looking for Al Amin. His mobile is switched off, he cannot be tracked.

It is known that on December 26, 2012, Israt Jahan was married to Al-Amin Hossain. The couple has two children. Since the marriage, Al-Amin demanded a dowry of Tk 20 lakh from his wife Israt for paying the price of the flat.

When Israt’s elderly father refused to pay the demanded dowry, Al-Amin beat him and threw him out of the house. After several beatings he (Israt) prepared to take legal action. But thinking about the future of the two children, the family compromises. Al-Amin did not calm down and tortured him day after day.

On August 25, Al-Amin got involved in a dispute over the dowry money he demanded from his wife. When his wife refused to pay the money, he killed her, punched and kicked her and injured her in different parts of her body.

Al-Amin said that he will not marry her (Israt), divorce her and threatened to harass her with a false case. Later Israt’s uncle took him to Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital and gave him first aid. When he returned home after the treatment, Al-Amin continued to treat him as before.

His wife filed a written complaint against Al Amin Hossain at Mirpur Model Police Station last Thursday. A case was registered on Friday based on the written complaint of Israt Jahan. Since then the police cannot find the cricketer Al-Amin. After the case of his wife, the police started working to arrest this pacer, but he ran away from home.


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