DU student’s abductor arrested, more than half a hundred young women accused of abducting

Detective (DB) police have arrested the kidnapper who picked up a third year student of Dhaka University (DU) from Kalyanpur in the capital. His name is Shakeel Ahmed Rubel (28). He is accused of abducting more than half a hundred young women, robbing them of their belongings and indecently behaving.

He was arrested from an area of ​​the capital on Saturday night. Head of the organization Harun Or Rashid gave this information at a press conference at the DB office on Minto Road in the capital on Sunday.

Detective (DB) Police Chief Haroon Aur Rashid at the press conference, Photo: Samakal

He said, there are six cases against Rubel in different police stations so far. He has robbed about 1500 in the last 10 years. He abducted more than half a hundred girls and treated them indecently.

DB Pradhan said that he has received the names of three places so far in the permanent address. He is an ‘inhuman’ person. His strategy was to kidnap school-college and university girls and rob and molest them.

Harun said that the students did not report the matter to the police after being abducted and robbed. Even if they were abducted, gold ornaments, mobiles, bags were lost and they behaved obscenely, they used to hide the matter for fear of public shame. Rubel’s real crime was often covered up.

2-6314483f0e5c2.jpgPistols and other items seized from Rubel, Photo: Samakal

He gave police identification to the student of Dhaka University that day. He had a pistol in his waist. Walkie-talkie was in hand. A few days before this incident, he had picked up another girl in Barisal under the identity of the police. Earlier, Rubel admitted to abducting women in Purbachal, Gazipur, Uttara, Chapainawabganj Faridpur and other areas.

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DU student got involved in the debate for seven minutes

He had no permanent address in Dhaka. Lived in hotels. The DB chief also said that the motorcycle that Rubel used when the student was abducted on August 15 was stolen from Uttara area on August 12. Rubel studied up to class VI. Three of his accomplices have been arrested so far. They are Akash, Delwar and Habib. At various times they cooperated with him by buying Ruble’s stolen goods.

3-6314487819f71.jpgSeized motorcycle, Photo: Samakal

DB chief Harun Aur Rashid requested the students and parents to be careful if someone on the road impersonates the police on a motorcycle. He has to be challenged. The police don’t think so. If necessary, the surrounding people should be gathered and informed about the matter.

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