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Bangabandhu Railway Museum is now in Khulna,

Khulna: Language Movement, 6 Points of 66, Mass Movement of 69, Elections of 70 and Declaration of Independence in Liberation War of 71, Mujib Nagar Government on 17th April, Wartime Day and Victory of 16th December have blossomed in the mobile Bangabandhu Rail Museum compartment.

The museum is housed in an air-conditioned passenger compartment.

Here, Bangabandhu’s historical life, liberation war, lifetime and struggle history have been highlighted through video content. A large LED television is placed at one end of the coach. It shows Bangabandhu’s speech given in different countries at different times and the historic Seven March speech. The artificial flower garden inside the museum attracts the visitors easily. There are also portraits of clothes and accessories used by the Father of the Nation. There is Bangabandhu’s burial place, memorial and his handwritten letters. The mobile museum has a display, where videos of various periods of Bangabandhu’s life are shown.

The Khulna railway station has been kept open for free visits to the public since Friday (September 2). As Friday and Saturday are public holidays, hundreds of visitors are thronging the railway museum.

Bangabandhu’s biography is placed in six sections on one side of the wall of the coach, titled ‘The first hour of the legend’, ‘The first ray of the star’, ‘On the way to becoming a star’, ‘Bangabandhu of the soil and language of Bengal’, ‘The star from the comet’, ‘The beginning of the dream of liberation’. Here the history of Bangabandhu from his childhood to his student life, involvement in politics and becoming a leader of the masses is presented.

The mobile railway museum has the history of one of the organizers of Bayannar language movement, unspeakable torture in the struggle for rights, Chuannar United Front, false cases and imprisonment, uncompromising struggle against the then Pakistan government as a dreamer of independent Bangladesh. On the other side of the wall, there are six sections, the path of the Durbar, the kandari of the oppressed, the dream of a new independent Bangladesh, the story of freedom, struggle and independence, the days of dreams, the art exhibition with the title, Ji Alo Neveni Aaaj. In this, Bangabandhu’s contribution as the main hero of achieving the desired independence through the historic six points of the Bengali Nation’s Liberation Charter of 1966, the People’s Uprising of 1969 and the glorious liberation war of the nation is coming alive before the eyes of the audience. Headphones have been arranged so that the audience can hear well while watching.

Apart from this, there are various children’s books written by Bangabandhu for children in the air-conditioned museum. There is a book shelf modeled after Jai Bangla slogans. There are about 100 books.

A total of six letters including Bangabandhu’s letter addressed to his daughter Hasuke (Sheikh Hasina) addressed to ‘Jadu Moni’ have been kept in the museum.

Sheikh Sohail Khan and Ehsan Adi Arif, who came to visit the Bangabandhu Railway Museum on Saturday (September 3) afternoon, said that after hearing that the Bangabandhu Railway Museum had arrived at Khulna station, my friends came to see it. I like it very much. I learned a lot of new things. This exceptional initiative will play a role in highlighting Bangabandhu’s philosophy to the new generation.

Habildar Ohid Khan of Khulna Railway Security Force told BanglaNews that the Bangabandhu Railway Museum has been crowded ever since its arrival in Khulna. People of different ages are coming but the number of school-college-university students is more.

Head TXR of Khulna Railway Station. Saiful Islam told BanglaNews that the Bangabandhu Rail Museum has been located at Platform No. 6 of Khulna Railway Station since Friday. Will be until September 7. It will run daily from 9 am to 1 am and from 3 pm to 8 pm. He also said that on an average, 600-700 people visited the Bangabandhu Railway Museum every day for two days.

The Bangabandhu Traveling Rail Museum was launched on the occasion of Mujib Centenary to spread the illustrious life of Bangabandhu at marginal level.

It should be noted that the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Traveling Railway Museum was inaugurated at Kamalapur railway station in the capital on Wednesday (April 27) at noon. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the museum by joining the opening ceremony from Ganabhaban virtually.

The journey of this museum started from August 1, the month of the assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family. Which is traveling to different stations of the country.

Bangladesh Time: 1015 hours, September 3, 2022

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