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Rohingya Crisis In Bangladesh: ‘Rohingyas are a big burden to Bangladesh’, Hasina looks to India for a solution – Bangladesh prime minister Sheikh Hasina says India can help them to deal with the Rohingya issue

India can be a big help in solving the Rohingya problem in Bangladesh, said Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Not only that, the Rohingyas are becoming a ‘big burden’ for Bengal, he also commented. Sheikh Hasina’s comments on the Rohingya issue, “The international community must play a positive role to save Bangladesh from this problem.” He said, “Rohingyas are a big problem for us. India is a very big country. So they can give shelter. Although there are not many Rohingyas in India. But, we have 1.1 million Rohingyas in our country (15 lakhs). We are talking to neighboring countries so that Trying to make arrangements so that they can return home.”

Bangladesh Flood: Teesta water is flowing over the danger limit, again flooded large areas of Bangladesh
Bangladesh gave shelter to the Rohingyas for the sake of humanity. Referring to this, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh said, “We have vaccinated all the Rohingyas during Corona. But, how long will they stay here? They are staying in camps. Some of them are getting involved in drugs, women, arms trafficking. The problems of Rohingyas are increasing day by day. It is good for both Myanmar and Bangladesh to return home soon. We are talking to ASEAN and UNO. Talks are going on with other countries as well.” Raising the topic of Bangladesh helping the Rohingyas by providing them shelter when they were in huge crisis, Hasina said, “India is a neighboring country of Bangladesh. I think India can play an important role in solving the Rohingya problem.”

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Hasina on Teesta water distribution…
Sheikh Hasina said, “We also want a healthy solution to the distribution of Teesta water. Because it is also affecting the agricultural sector of Bangladesh. The Prime Minister of India is also eager to solve this problem. So I think this problem will be solved.” The Prime Minister of Bangladesh also said, “We only share Ganges water according to the treaty. But, we have 54 other rivers. This is a big problem. There is a need to solve this problem.” Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is coming to India on a four-day visit on Monday. According to experts, today’s meeting is going to be very important in terms of India-Bangladesh bilateral relations. He will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to India.

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