Repeated shelling on the border of Bangladesh: Myanmar is inciting the conflict!

Repeated shelling on the border of Bangladesh: Myanmar is inciting the conflict!
Repeated shelling on the border of Bangladesh: Myanmar is inciting the conflict!

The tension on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border is increasing day by day. In the space of just six days, Myanmar’s security forces fired two shells from a warplane and exploded them on the border of Bangladesh. In two such incidents within a week, there is panic and tension in the border areas of Bandarban and Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh government and analysts have rethought the border situation in the incident of firing mortar shells or shells one after another by the Myanmar military. Analysis is going on whether these incidents in Myanmar were planned provocations or accidents. It has also been reported that these issues are being closely monitored by the government.

Diplomats, security analysts and international relations experts say it is important to first ascertain whether Myanmar’s security forces are deliberately inciting the conflict through these incidents. In this regard, proper security preparations should be made at the border along with strong action through diplomatic channels. If diplomatic channels fail, then military action must be initiated. However, it is said that the separatist organization ‘Arakan Army’ has been fighting with Myanmar’s security forces for some time now. And because of the effect of that counter-attack, mortar shells or shells may fall on the border of Bangladesh. But Naypyidaw and Myanmar have no say in this regard. Even if Bangladesh wants an explanation, they are not paying attention. As a result, their activities are not taken very naturally by the experts concerned.

It is known that on August 28, two mortar shells fired by the Myanmar army landed in the populated area of ​​Ghumdhumpara, north of Naikshyongchari, Bangladesh. There were no casualties as the two shells did not explode. In the same border area, two shells fired from warplanes exploded within 120 meters of Bangladesh territory. Earlier, on March 2, 2018, the Myanmar army staged a ‘combatant position’ or army gathering along the Tumburu border with Bangladesh. Myanmar incursions even into the airspace. Although they explained it then. Also, Myanmar’s security forces have been acting ‘provocatively’ for no reason at various times.

Former Foreign Secretary Md. Touhid Hossain told the Times, “So far we think it is ‘unintentional’. They have a news that there is a conflict between the security forces of Myanmar and the separatist organization Arakan Army. As a result, such incidents may occur. But Bangladesh has protested the incident of August 28, but I have not seen, Myanmar has not expressed any regret in this regard. If Myanmar had officially expressed regret it would have been accidental. Since they didn’t say anything, the suspicion remains. It is important to know whether it is intentional or not. Do they (Myanmar) want to engage in conflict with Bangladesh? I don’t understand that or what they benefit from.”

To the question whether it is an attempt to stop the discussion on Rohingya issue, Tauhid Hossain said, ‘I don’t think so. What happens, they may think, is to divert attention or divert the discussion from the Rohingya. But the Rohingya crisis will continue. Myanmar will get into more trouble internationally with this.

In this regard, international relations expert and member of the Public Service Commission (PSC) Professor Dr. Delwar Hossain told the light of time, Myanmar’s behavior was similar before. But currently they are behaving more erratically. Myanmar must have a purpose or reason behind these events. We (Bangladesh) may not be able to take immediate action in this regard. These incidents should be dealt with diplomatically. But I think Myanmar may not care because of the border with Bangladesh. Myanmar would not have been able to do this if it had been on the border of another neighboring country. Myanmar is behaving as if it is ‘indulging in a quarrel’ with Bangladesh. They are trying to create a kind of crisis. Various plans can also be made to suppress the Rohingya issue. As a result, what needs to be done in this regard is to summon the ambassador of Myanmar and arrange to send a strong message directly to the highest level of their government. Besides, we have to have our own preparatory system.

In this context, security analyst Major General (Retd.) Md. Abdur Rashid said, ‘First of all, our concern is that the tension does not increase. For this, we have to analyze and stand – are they deliberately throwing these towards Bangladesh? Or because of some of their internal operations, they (bullets) are entering Bangladesh unintentionally? Analyzing various media reports, what we understand is that they have a separatist organization called the Arakan Army, who have occupied the area. As a result, they are in conflict with the Myanmar army. The bullets that are coming to Bangladesh from this conflict, are they Arakan Army bullets or Myanmar Army bullets? It needs to be determined.’

He said, ‘There is nothing to panic in this case. Because Bangladesh has retained the military capability of Bangladesh. Two incidents have already occurred. Now if they don’t stop it, the diplomatic channel should be alerted. Then if diplomatic channels fail, then comes the question of military response.

Abdur Rasheed also said, First of all, since the diplomatic channel has not shown any failure so far, it seems that we do not need to question the military response at this moment. Secondly, we need to find out whether they have any specific motive behind creating war tensions in Myanmar. But so far we have not been able to identify any specific purpose for them. It is better to resolve the matter diplomatically so that this does not happen in the future.

Regarding security preparations in the border area of ​​Bangladesh, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Director (Operations) and spokesperson of the force Lt. Col. Faizur Rahman told the Times that it is known that the conflict between the Myanmar military and the separatist groups there has been going on for many days. In view of that, there is, moreover, BGB always takes precautions at the border. BGB is on high alert in this regard. Local residents have also been asked to limit movement with caution. In order to avoid any kind of accident.

He also said that Saturday’s shelling is also being investigated. BGB sent a protest letter to Myanmar in the previous incident as well. Protests were also held at the state level. The same action will be taken in this case also.

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