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Increase support programs 1179738 | The voice of time

Increase support programs 1179738 | The voice of time
Increase support programs 1179738 | The voice of time

The price of daily necessities, especially food, is constantly increasing in the country. As a result, the livelihood of low-income people is now the most threatened. It has become impossible for people with low and fixed income to run a family and live with children. Those whose monthly income is below Tk 20,000 are the most vulnerable.


It has become almost impossible to rent a house with this income in the capital or big city, provide food for the mouth of wife and children or family members, collect clothes and send children to school. Sociologists and analysts also think that if this situation lasts for a long time, various types of disharmony and instability may be created in the society.

Corona pandemic has been going on for more than two years. Many people’s incomes have gone down during this time. Many left their jobs and went back to their villages. Again they returned to Dhaka but their income did not increase. Rather, income has decreased in many cases. Added to that is the severe impact of the Russia-Ukraine war. The prices of daily necessities are increasing. As a result, most of the people’s income and expenses are not consistent. Families who could eat meat at least two days a week, now cannot afford it. Fish is also precious to them. Even if they used to buy one or two eggs to meet their family’s non-vegetarian needs, many people cannot buy them now. Recently, the price of a dozen eggs also increased to 160 rupees. In this situation, the low-income families are meeting their food needs in some way with vegetables and dried fruits. A balanced diet or nutritional needs of families are not being met. As a result of various studies, the physical and mental growth of children and adolescents is disrupted, and the elderly also lose their immune system and fall ill quickly. And the number of people below the poverty line is increasing rapidly.

Experts feel that there is little logical reason behind such unbridled rise in commodity prices. What is there is the greed of a class of businessmen for excessive profits. As a result, it can be seen that sometimes the price of rice, sometimes the price of pulses or sugar, sometimes the price of onion-garlic increases suddenly. Recently due to the increase in the price of fuel oil, the price of a product has increased by several times. The price of eggs per dozen was supposed to increase by less than one rupee due to increase in transportation cost. But the market had increased from 30 to 40 taka. There is no effective initiative of the government to control the price of goods. In such a situation, the prominent people are worried about the future of these low-income people.

Experts believe that government intervention in the market should be increased to protect these low-income people. TCB should be more active. Initiatives like selling products in the open market, food friendly programs should be increased. Initiatives should be taken to establish ration or fair price shops.

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