Sri Lanka’s revenge or Afghanistan’s power

Sri Lanka’s revenge or Afghanistan’s power
Sri Lanka’s revenge or Afghanistan’s power

The curtain rose on the Asia Cup with the match between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. The fight of Super Four starts with their match today. In the six-team competition, four teams now survive. Sri Lanka, Afghanistan along with India and Pakistan.

Four teams will play each other in round robin league format. The top two teams on the points list will go to the finals. Although Bangladesh is considered one of the superpowers in this continental competition, they have left from the first stage. Qualifying champions Hong Kong also left empty-handed.

Afghanistan has taken the place of Bangladesh. Like India, they also won two matches in the group stage. After starting the mission by just blowing Sri Lanka, Bangladesh did not let them stay in front of them either. Now they have a Super Four fight in front of them.

The fight for Sri Lanka is revenge. The challenge of maintaining Afghanistan’s dominance. Cricket pundits have also asked India and Pakistan to be cautious with the way they have performed in the two matches. They are also considered to be one of the contenders for the title. But Afghanistan captain Mohammad Nabi is not thinking that far.

‘The final is a distant thought. Our next opponent is Sri Lanka. About whom we are thinking. We are cautious even if we beat Sri Lanka. Because they lost Bangladesh and came here. Thinking of winning. That’s how I will make myself available.’ – said the prophet.

Sri Lanka lost the first match and lost track. Bangladesh has come back in a great way. The captain of the team Dashun Shanaka has no revenge in his voice. Rather, he is singing the praises of Afghanistan to move forward, ‘We have seen how strong an opponent Afghanistan is. We have to be extra careful. We have to start this match again. The boys are confident of winning. That’s how we prepared. I hope we can move forward by correcting our mistakes.’

Sri Lanka is ahead in terms of tradition, statistics. But in experience, Afghanistan is Toitumbur. Nabi, Rashid, Mujib, Najibullah were the best in their day. On the other hand, Shanaka, Mendis, Kurunaratne, Rajapaksa lag behind in terms of experience but are equal in strength and ability.

It is expected that today’s fight will not be one-sided. Sri Lanka will overcome the shock of that day. Afghanistan aims to show dominance. If they can do that right, they will move towards another victory.

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