Myanmar warplanes shelled the border of Bandarban

Myanmar warplanes shelled the border of Bandarban
Myanmar warplanes shelled the border of Bandarban

Two shells fired from Myanmar warplanes landed inside Bangladesh. Yesterday, Saturday at 9:30 am, two bullets fell in the Ghumdhum area of ​​Naikxyongchari upazila of Bandarban. Since the incident, law enforcement agencies have been on high alert and intelligence surveillance has been stepped up. An official of the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) said that Myanmar will call the Border Guard Force officials and protest strongly in this incident. Bandarban Deputy Commissioner, Superintendent of Police and senior officers of BGB informed about the incident yesterday afternoon. Earlier on August 28 around 3 pm two mortar shells fired from Myanmar fell unexploded near Tambru North Mosque in Ghumdhum.
Bandarban District Superintendent of Police Md. Tariqul Islam said, besides increasing border patrolling, intelligence surveillance has also been increased. For the past 10-12 days, the firing has been going on inside Myanmar in the border areas. In the beginning, the Rohingyas and locals in the part of the Bangladesh border in Tambru area were in fear, but now their fear has subsided.
Deputy Commissioner Yachmin Parveen Tibriji has confirmed that the matter has been discussed with BGB. He said that BGB is on high alert in the incident of shelling. Apart from this, the district administration has also discussed with the chairman-members of the area. Everyone including the district administration is on high alert.
BGB Headquarters Director (Operations) Lieut. Colonel Faizur Rahman told the media that on Saturday also, I heard that the shells fired from Myanmar have entered Bangladesh. We are collecting data. If the incident is proved to be true, the Myanmar Border Guard will be called and protested. We have strongly protested the incident of mortar shells flying earlier. BGB is working so that the border people are not afraid.
According to police and local sources, at around 9:30 am, two army warplanes and two fighting helicopters patrolled across the Myanmar border at the middle of border pillar 40-41 under Reju Amtali BGB BOP of Tumbru border in Ghumdhum, Naikxyongchari. At that time about 8-10 shells were fired from their warplanes. Apart from this, approximately 30 to 35 shots were also fired from the helicopter. Two shells fired from the warplane fell approximately 120 meters inside Bangladesh along border pillar 40. Locals said that mortar fire is still going on intermittently from Myanmar’s Muringajhiri Camp and Tambru Right Camp. However, no casualty was reported in the firing incident. Ghumdhum UP Chairman Jahangir Aziz said that since Friday, two helicopters have been seen patrolling across the border. He also said that fear has increased among Rohingya asylum seekers and locals.
In this regard, Bangladesh is on high alert regarding the Myanmar border incident. Foreign Minister told the media that instructions have been given so that not a single citizen of Myanmar can enter Bangladesh across the border. Abdul Momen.
The Myanmar ambassador will be summoned again
The diplomatic reporter said that the country’s ambassador will be summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs again on Sunday in the event of the shelling of the Myanmar warplane inside Bangladesh while suppressing the armed separatists. Earlier, the ambassador was summoned twice in connection with mortar shelling inside Bangladesh.
Earlier, on August 20 and 28, mortar shells fired from Myanmar reached Bangladesh. In view of this, on August 21 and 29, the ambassador of Myanmar was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and protested. The Myanmar ambassador is being summoned for the third time regarding the border incident.
State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam said that the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has been instructed to be on maximum alert to prevent the influx of new refugees due to the internal conflict in Myanmar in the Bangladesh border area. He said, we will not step into any provocation by Myanmar.
Airstrikes follow attack on outpost: Myanmar-based media Irrawaddy reports that the junta government launched airstrikes after the Arakan Army seized a police outpost in Maungdoo township on the border with Bangladesh in northern Rakhine state. The Arakan Army overran the outpost last Wednesday, killing 19 junta police officers and looting firearms, ammunition and other equipment. Local residents said the government carried out three rounds of airstrikes using jet fighters and helicopters on Thursday. A resident said two planes and one helicopter attacked in the morning and two jets and two helicopters bombed in the afternoon. The government said that day that its troops were retaking the outpost with reinforcements and artillery.
Fighting broke out in neighboring Paletoa Township, Chin State, after the Arakan Army began attacking the area along the border from August 2. The junta government is firing 300 to 400 shells per day in regular airstrikes by jets and helicopters from six army bases along the border due to AA attacks. Local residents fled to Maungdu city and neighboring Buthidang township.
The AA claimed they killed 10 junta soldiers during an encounter near Mayek Wa village in Paletoa on Wednesday. Several soldiers were killed when the Arakan Army ambushed a junta convoy in the state’s An Township on Thursday afternoon, Rakhine media reported. The video shows a government vehicle burning on a road. The junta is currently under daily attack by resistance forces and ethnic armed groups across the country.
One and a half thousand soldiers killed in 15 months: Apart from this, a separate report said that around one and a half thousand soldiers have been killed since May 2021 in the southeastern state of Kayah. Apart from this, more than 150 armed resistance fighters have been killed in clashes with government forces in these 15 months.
There have been daily reports of heavy shelling, heavy airstrikes and artillery attacks in Kayah since armed resistance against the military regime in Myanmar began in May last year. The Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF), Karen Army (KA) and several other resistance groups are fighting the military in the region. Resistance groups claim that the Myanmar government is targeting civilians and resistance groups in Kayah state. Currently, about 2 lakh people are displaced from Kayah. There is a food crisis due to the closure of the entrances to the state.
Myanmar’s leader Suu Kyi was ousted by the military in February last year. Many politicians including Suu Kyi were put under house arrest. People of various classes and professions have formed a movement across the country to remove the military government from power. More than 2,000 people have been killed by the security forces after assuming power.

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