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The state wanted 2000 tons of hilsa from Bangladesh during the festival season!

The state wanted 2000 tons of hilsa from Bangladesh during the festival season!
The state wanted 2000 tons of hilsa from Bangladesh during the festival season!

Nowadays Webdesk: Durga Puja is the best Bengali festival.

And if hilsa does not fall on Bengali leaves during these four days, then the joy of the festival becomes soil. Therefore, the traders of West Bengal requested the Bangladesh government to ask for at least 2000 tons of hilsa on the occasion of upcoming Durga Puja. SA Maqsood, general secretary of the West Bengal Fish Importers Association, made this call.
Maqsud said, last year Bangladesh government approved the export of 4 thousand 600 tons of hilsa to West Bengal. 1 thousand 200 tons of hilsa came to West Bengal due to deadline. He said that this year they have requested Bangladesh government to export 2 thousand tons. Along with this, the period of import of whole hilsa consignment has been increased from one month to 45 days.
In 2012, the Bangladesh government imposed a ban on the export of hilsa. However, several thousand tons of hilsa are allowed to be exported to India every year. Maksud said that they have also appealed to the Bangladesh government to lift the ban. He expects that Bangladeshi hilsa will be available in West Bengal before Durga Puja.
Hilsa production has decreased in West Bengal. Experts are blaming the environmental pollution of the river for this. In 2021, fishermen of the state caught 6 thousand 170 tons of hilsa.
Shyamsunder Das, joint secretary of the United Fishermen’s Association of West Bengal, said some very sensitive and subtle changes have taken place. Hilsa comes from the sea to the river to lay eggs. But they won’t come if they don’t get a good environment. If the hilsa does not find the environment of Hooghly River in West Bengal suitable, it will go to Padma or Meghna in Bangladesh.

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