We want a cycle-friendly environment by controlling private cars

We want a cycle-friendly environment by controlling private cars
We want a cycle-friendly environment by controlling private cars

According to a study, at least 2 lakh people travel by bicycle in the capital Dhaka every day. As per Dhaka Detailed Regional Plan (2016-2035)., This number will increase if cycle-friendly transport system is ensured in the city. According to the World Bank report, The speed of bicycle on the main road is 13.4 km per hour. meaningt It will be possible to reach the destination quickly and safely if Dhaka’s transport system is planned with priority on bicycles. Also, fuel costs will be reduced. Public health and environment will improve. As a result, the young society demands to ensure bicycle-friendly transportation by controlling private cars.

On Saturday morning, from in front of the Shahbagh National Museum in the capital to the central Shaheed Minar, organized on the occasion of World Personal Car Free Day 2022. Regulate the use of private vehicles, Develop a planned cycle network They made this demand from the bicycle rally.

Hope is an anti-drug organization, Bangladesh Cycle Lane Implementation Council, Rayerbazar High School, Dhaka Ideal Cadet School, Dhanami Tourism Cyclist, Leo Club of Dhaka Oasis, Female Cyclists of Bangladesh, Sun Dew Runners Community, Institute of Wellbeing Bangladesh, The rally organized by Car Free Cities Alliance Bangladesh and Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust was presided over by the Director of Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust Gaus Peary..

MA Mannan Monir spoke at the event moderated by Assistant Project Officer Md. Mithun, Tahajjot Hossain, Akib Deepu, Sifat Harun, A n m machum billah bhuiya, Aminul Islam Tubbus, Cyclist Didar Hossain and many others. At this time the speakers said, Significant people travel by bicycle in Dhaka city. Many of the young generation are interested in commuting by bicycle. But due to lack of cycle-friendly infrastructure, they have to cycle at risk. That’s why they are slow to ride a bicycletThere is also literature. Currently, traffic congestion and fuel crisis are big challenges for us.

To meet this challenge, it is necessary to make cycling easy and popular for everyone. The speakers also said, Bicycles are a very popular mode of transportation in Scandinavia and many modern cities in Europe. Many cities around the world have increased bicycle commuting opportunities in cities as part of the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Like Bogota, Vancouver, In addition to the construction of temporary cycle lanes in various cities, including Sydney, some roads have been closed to private vehicles and opened to the public, So that they can move by maintaining physical distance.

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