Chhatra League leader is not listening to another leader 1179701 | The voice of time

Chhatra League leader is not listening to another leader 1179701 | The voice of time
Chhatra League leader is not listening to another leader 1179701 | The voice of time

District Chhatra League General Secretary Zakir Hossain Ami.

Rajshahi District Chhatra League general secretary Zakir Hossain Ami beat up a leader of his own party after threatening him. He has again come up in discussion in this incident after the discussion of torturing a student overnight in Rajshahi Medical College’s own hostel.

The name of the Chhatra League leader who was beaten is Sabuj. He is General Secretary of Bagmara Upazila Chhatra League and organizing secretary of Chhatra League of Galaxy Mat Institute of Rajshahi metropolis.


Of course, Ami admitted to threatening and beating up Sabuj.

District BCL general secretary Ami did not deny beating Sabuj and abusing him over the phone. He said that Sabuj has given a reverse post on Facebook. Because of this my head was not right. I abused him. After seeing green at the airport, I couldn’t get over it. I slapped him a few times. I disciplined him.

According to multiple sources of District Chhatra League, Bagmara Chhatra League leader Sabuj recently made a post on Facebook. This post came to the notice of District Chhatra League General Secretary Ami. After that, Ami discussed the issue of the post with Abdur Razzak, president of Mohanpur Upazila Chhatra League, on the phone on Thursday (September 1) night. At this time, Ami told Razzak that Sabuj should call him. Razzak then asks Sabuj to call Ami. Sabuj called Ami around 12 pm.

Sabuj said in this regard, I picked up the phone as soon as I gave the call. Then he started abusing me. The language spoken by a top leader of District Chhatra League is unimaginable. During most of the phone calls he abuses my parents by name. At one stage of talking on the phone, he said, ‘I will pull out your liver. ‘

Sabuj also said that after this incident, on Saturday morning, I went to greet Rajshahi-4 (Bagmara) Constituency MP Engineer Enamul Haque at the airport. At that time, there were more than half a hundred activists of the Chhatra League waiting for the MP. When he found me there, he jumped on me. At this time he slapped me several times on both ears. Because of his slap I can’t hear anything in my left ear now. I have informed the top leaders of Chhatra League. Demanding justice for beating me and abusing my parents. I am currently experiencing extreme insecurity and fear of being attacked at any moment.

District Chhatra League President Sakibul Islam Rana said, “I have heard the matter of beating and abuse.” It is not right to touch the body of any activist from the responsible position of BCL. We will do politics by dragging the workers. Why should I beat them? If the allegations leveled against General Secretary Ami are proved, the matter will be reported to the Central Chhatra League President and General Secretary. The Central Chhatra League will take a decision in this regard.

On July 26, District Chhatra League General Secretary Zakir Hossain Ami tortured a HSC student named Milan Hossain (19) at Shahid Muktijoddha Kazi Nurunnabi Hostel of Rajshahi Medical College throughout the night. Son of Alamgir Hossain of Shibpurhat of Puthia upazila of the district was injured and recovered after receiving treatment at Milon Hospital for a few days. Milan Chhatra League leader Ami was allegedly tortured for refusing to be a personal assistant (PA). Apart from this, BCL leader Ami has also been accused of taking money from some people in the name of giving them jobs. But even after there is enough evidence of non-payment of jobs, the victims do not dare to open their mouths against Ami out of fear.

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