No bus in Dhaka is allowed to enter Barguna

No bus in Dhaka is allowed to enter Barguna
No bus in Dhaka is allowed to enter Barguna

Barguna: No bus in Dhaka is allowed to enter Barguna. Passengers of Barguna have suffered greatly due to the arbitrariness of Rupatali-Bakerganj Basmalik Samiti which has been going on for a whole month.

The Bakerganj-Barguna regional highway is smooth without any ferry and is the only access to Barguna district town. Dhaka-Barguna buses were running regularly on this route for the past few years.

Allegations have been made that Rupatali, Bakerganj and Patuakhali Bus Owners’ Association syndicated and did not allow buses to enter the Bakerganj-Barguna route on the pretext of route permit for the entire month of August. Bus drivers are often abused while entering. In addition to physical abuse, the bus drivers also complained of extreme insults in front of the passengers by touching their ears. The residents of Barguna have suffered greatly.

The people of Barguna had a dream that if the Padma bridge is opened, passengers will come to Barguna from Dhaka in just five hours. But Rupatali Bus Owners Association did not let that dream come true.

Barguna-bound buses from Dhaka are being returned by the people of the house owners at Bakerganj point every day.

At that time, passengers were forced to enter Barguna via Amtali ferry via Patuakhali-Amtali route.

As the passengers have to pay more fare due to extra detours, the time is also taking 3 to 4 hours more.

Suffering increases manifold in inclement weather. In order to save some time, the passengers have to cross the sometimes raging Pira river at risk.

A passenger named Rashid Faraji told BanglaNews that he came from Dhaka to Barguna by bus with a small child. Although there is direct communication with Dhaka by road, we had to cross Amtali ferry to come to Barguna. It took more than 10 hours. But a few days ago I reached Dhaka from Barguna in five hours by bus. Even after the dream of Padma Bridge, our suffering did not subside. Same as before.

Nupur Akhter, a private employee, told BanglaNews that the passenger buses have to go back and forth from Barguna to Dhaka and from Dhaka to Barguna by crossing the ferry. So it takes more than 10 hours. We are deprived of the benefits of Padma Bridge. So I demand quick action.

The secretary of Barguna Basmalik Samiti about the crisis. When Chhagir contacted Howladar, he said that he could not say anything about it.

Barisal’s bus owners and labor authorities were also contacted but their comments were not available.

Barguna-1 Constituency Member of Parliament Adv. Dhirendra Debnath Shambhu MP told BanglaNews, “I have already spoken to the bus owner and BRTA authorities about the matter. BRTA authorities have investigated the matter on the ground. Barguna residents hope that this crisis will be resolved.

Bangladesh Time: 1535 hours, September 3, 2022

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