24 decisions to resolve traffic congestion in Mymensingh city

24 decisions to resolve traffic congestion in Mymensingh city
24 decisions to resolve traffic congestion in Mymensingh city

As the day goes by, the traffic jam is getting worse in Mymensingh. So, after joining the new Superintendent of Police in Mymensingh, he had to hear from everyone the call to get rid of the traffic jam. Superintendent of Police Machum Ahmed Bhuna has also assured to bring the traffic jam to bearable level first.

The Superintendent of Police did not limit himself to just assurances, he decided to take 24-point steps after meeting with the concerned parties to free the city residents from the grip of traffic jams and establish traffic order.

These decisions were published on the Facebook page of the district police on Saturday evening and the public’s cooperation was requested.

Last Wednesday at the District Police Superintendent’s office, he held a discussion meeting with the transport leaders and related parties to resolve the traffic jam. In the meeting, various issues were discussed about the city’s traffic congestion relief and proper traffic management. In the meeting, regulation of battery-powered auto-rickshaws to keep the city traffic at a bearable level, fixing the time limit for goods trucks to enter the city, shifting of jute warehouse CNG stands, de-occupation of footpaths, mandatory use of triples on sand trucks, taking proper safety measures to transport rods, bamboos, strengthening traffic management, three-wheelers on national highways. Movement is strictly controlled and video recording is mandatory before leaving the night transport.

Apart from this, de-occupation of all footpaths, illegal hawkers, vegetable and fruit traders and others should be phased out, CNG-autorickshaws cannot pick and drop passengers standing on the road, ambulances should be kept in a single line in front of clinics in Charpara, no motorcycle parking on the main road, motorcycles No helmets will be allowed to travel, more than two people will not be allowed to ride on one motorcycle, illegal hotels-shops near Patgudam CNG stand will be evicted and CNG stand will be set up in the evicted places, 24-point decision was taken along with increased strength of traffic police.

Citizens and civil society representatives have welcomed the 24-point measures to ease traffic congestion. They want to see the implementation of these decisions soon.

Mymensingh District Superintendent of Police (SP) Machum Ahmed Bhuna said, if the decisions are implemented, I believe that traffic congestion in Mymensingh city will come to a bearable level. Decisions will be implemented gradually with the cooperation of all.

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