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Myanmar warplanes fire on Bandarban border

Myanmar warplanes fire on Bandarban border
Myanmar warplanes fire on Bandarban border

After ‘throwing’ mortar shells, two Myanmar warplanes and two fighting helicopters have shelled Bandarban inside the border of Bangladesh, police said.

Superintendent of Police Tariqul Islam of Bandarban has confirmed that these warplanes attacked the Ghumdhum border area of ​​Naikshyongchari upazila on Saturday.

It is said that around 9:20 am on Saturday morning, these warplanes entered the area between border pillars 40 and 41 under the BOP (Border Post) of Reju Amtali, Ward No. 8 of Ghumdhum Union.

Earlier on August 28, after two unexploded mortar shells landed at Tumbru border in Ghumdhum, Dhaka called the country’s ambassador and protested strongly.

Five days later, the SP statement reported that Myanmar warplanes entered the border of Bangladesh, during which approximately eight to 10 rounds were fired from warplanes and 30 to 35 from helicopters.

It is also said that two shells fired from the warplane landed inside Bangladesh along the 120 meters of border pillar number 40.”

The statement further said that heavy weapon fire is still going on from the Border Guard Force (BGP) right camp in Mierman in Tumbru Border Pillar No. 34 and No. 35 area of ​​Ward No. 1 of Ghumdhum Union.

Apart from this, the police also said that mortar fire is continuing intermittently from Muringajhiri and Right Camp.

Meanwhile, to find out about this, Cox’s Bazar BGB-34 battalion commander Lt. Col. Mehdi Hossain Kabir did not pick up the phone several times.

The article is in Bengali

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