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BNP-Police-A. League 4 hours clash, hundreds injured 1179661 | The voice of time

BNP-Police-A. League 4 hours clash, hundreds injured 1179661 | The voice of time
BNP-Police-A. League 4 hours clash, hundreds injured 1179661 | The voice of time

Their native weapons are seen in the conflict.

There was a three-way clash between the police and the Awami League in Pakundia of Kishoreganj, centered on the predetermined program. The clash took place in three areas of the upazila. Later it spread to some other places. The party claimed that hundreds of BNP leaders were injured by tear shells and rubber bullets fired by the police.


Apart from this, the police claim that 15 to 20 policemen were also injured by brickbats. Awami League is also claiming that seven or eight of its leaders and activists have been injured.

This clash continued from 11 am to 4 pm on Saturday. Pakundia Sadar and surrounding area turned into a battlefield in the nearly four-hour-long clash. Panic spread throughout the area. Shops and businesses were closed.

Eyewitnesses said that around 11 am, BNP leaders started gathering for a protest march in Sayedgaon area of ​​the city. At that time the police went and stopped them. Then a clash broke out between the two sides. Hundreds of BNP activists started pelting bricks like rain at the police. The police also started firing tear shells and rubber bullets at them. At one point, the BNP leaders and activists dispersed and spread to the surrounding areas. From there they started throwing bricks at the police.

At around 12 noon, when the BNP and the police clashed at the T&T junction in the city, Awami League leaders and activists also joined it with indigenous weapons. Police and Awami League attacked them together. The three parties chased each other for an hour. Police retaliated by firing tear shells and rubber bullets in response to brick pelting by BNP activists. Awami League leaders take action against BNP. At that time, many Awami League activists took part in the clash wearing helmets. Then they are seen shouting various slogans.

A similar clash took place at the Baratia intersection. The situation came under the control of the police when the BNP leaders dispersed around 3 pm.

Kishoreganj Sadar Circle Additional Superintendent of Police Md. Al Amin confirmed the truth of the clash and told Kal Kantha that BNP had no permission for the assembly and protest march. Despite this, they were stopped by the police when they took the procession to the municipal area. At that time BNP activists attacked the police. Later the police fired tear shells and rubber bullets.

He said that 15 to 20 members of the police were injured in the brick pelting.

The police also said that so far 15 people have been arrested on charges of rioting. The case is being prepared in this regard.

The BNP is alleging that their peaceful program was attacked by the police without provocation. Many of their activists were injured by rubber bullets and tear gas. The injured have been sent to various hospitals including Zahurul Islam Medical College Hospital in Bajitpur. Some are in serious condition.

Pakundia upazila BNP convenor Advocate Md. Jalal Uddin complained that Awami League people along with the police took part in the attack with indigenous weapons. Hundreds of their activists were injured. Many of them were shot again.

He said, not BNP, police and Awami League deliberately heated up the situation.

Pakundia Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Sarwar Jahan said around 4 pm, the situation is currently calm and under police control. Additional police have been deployed in the city. The exact number of rounds of rubber bullets and tear shells fired has not been calculated.

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