Bangladesh has been able to pay the price of love?

Bangladesh has been able to pay the price of love?
Bangladesh has been able to pay the price of love?

Dhu Dhu is like a green fair in the desert. Bangladesh is like a piece on the Arabian Sea. Coming to the Dubai International Cricket Stadium, you might be mistaken, thinking you are in Mirpur. Clatter all around, roaring of tigers across the gallery. Bangladesh Bangladesh slogans are all around, Bangladesh will win with strong belief.

In every match of the Asia Cup, the expatriates have filled the stadium in support of Bangladesh. By marching hundreds of miles, ignoring thousands of obstacles, without eating or drinking, withholding part of the pay or short periods of rest, he devoted himself to the support of the country. Want only one thing, a win. In the victory that will erase all the shortcomings, the dissatisfaction will disappear; Expatriate life will spread the glow of happiness. But alas! In the words of the poet…

All day long the playground is beautiful, the four-door fog of despair;
Again and again the time is gray in despair, every watch of the night is unconscious.
Days of waiting go on the pages of memories, hopes are confused and cry in pain,
Zero matches the sum in the book of the end of the day.

I don’t know if you have seen it, in 5 years a little boy could not hold his emotions. Finally ready to celebrate the victory, but weep at the cruel treatment of fate. Her crying scene is still circulating on social media. So much about a child, how many hundreds of thousands of scenes are hidden behind. There have also been cases of fainting because we are disappointed in the Asia Cup. How much cricket is loved, can be imagined!

It is said that a Bengali tastes cricket even in sleep. Sometimes in writing, sometimes showing, and sometimes in an unpremeditated thought. This is why it is said, ‘A Bengali eats cricket and sleeps in cricket!’ Indeed, we find happiness in cricket, we find happiness in cricket. Cricket is our passion-heritage-love.

But what price can Bangladesh pay for this love? Can you give Shakib, Tamim, Mushfiqra! Can they give a little happiness in exchange for this love, can they return home with a smile after the match? These people from abroad come to you because of love. If their cheers and chants inspire you, the fragrance of victory wafts over you. This is what they want.

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