Again firing from Myanmar warplanes on the border of Bangladesh

Two more shells were fired from the Myanmar Army warplanes inside Bangladesh. On Saturday morning (September 3), the blast fell in the Ghumdhum area of ​​Naikxyongchari Upazila of Bandarban. Before this, mortar shells arrived in Bangladesh from Myanmar on Sunday and Thursday last week.

Superintendent of Police (SP) of Bandarban. Tariqul Islam has confirmed that two shells landed inside Bangladesh today.

According to the police and locals, two warplanes and two fighting helicopters of the Myanmar Army patrolled near Tumbru border of Ghumdhum union of Naikxyongchari upazila around 9:30 am on Saturday. Around 8-10 rounds were fired from fighter jets and 30-35 from helicopters. At that time, two shells fired from the warplanes landed within 120 meters of the border pillar 40 of Bangladesh.

Local residents said four rounds of heavy weapons were fired from a camp in the Myanmar side of the border between Pillar 34-35. Still (Saturday afternoon) intermittent shelling from Myanmar’s Muringajhiri Camp and Tumbru Right Camp continues. Locals are in fear of this incident.

Police Superintendent of Bandarban. Tariqul Islam said that the law and order forces are on high alert in the incident. Intelligence surveillance has been increased in border areas.

Incidentally, on August 28 around 3 pm, two mortar shells fired from Myanmar fell unexploded near Tambru North Mosque in Ghumdhum. Later, expert teams of law enforcement agencies neutralized them.

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