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Awami League is strict in suppressing the movement

Awami League is strict in suppressing the movement
Awami League is strict in suppressing the movement

As the day of national elections draws nearer, the political arena is heating up. The main opposition BNP and its allies have been demanding for holding elections under a non-partisan neutral government for a long time. Although the demand has not been resolved, the 10th and 11th National Parliament elections have already been held. As the issue has not been resolved, the anti-government movement has gradually started to strengthen ahead of the 12th National Assembly elections. BNP is entering the field with programs on various issues whenever it gets an opportunity by announcing the occupation of Rajpath. Already, there has been a lot of tension, clashes and loss of life around the program of BNP. However, the ruling party Awami League will not allow the movement of BNP and its allies to strengthen in the streets. The ruling party is planning to suppress the anti-government movement.

In response to a question from journalists yesterday about BNP’s movement, Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader said that if violence is added to the name of the movement, Awami League will deal with it with the people. He said, Awami League will never attack anyone, but if attacked, it will be counter-attacked. No one will be exempted.

In this context, Abdur Rahman, one of the members of the presidium of Awami League, told Naya Digant that BNP will protest is not a new thing, it has been said for a long time. If their movement is peaceful then the government will not stop it. But BNP is doing terrorist activities in different places in the name of movement, it is not acceptable under any circumstances. They are deliberately creating anarchy to create an unstable situation in the country. He said that it is the government’s responsibility to protect people’s lives and property. If any kind of violence is carried out in the name of movement, if anarchy is created, terrorist activities are carried out, the members of law and order forces including the police will suppress it strictly. Awami League will also be organizationally on the ground to protect people’s life and property.

Talking to the party’s policy-making level leaders, it has been revealed that Awami League will not give BNP a chance to take over the political arena by conducting anti-government movements in front of the national elections. On the one hand, law and order forces will be in a strict position to counter any anti-government street program. Besides, Awami League will take a tough stance politically. Due to the mourning month of August, Awami League has shown flexibility earlier. However, they will be on the ground from September this month and anyone who tries to create violence in the name of the movement will be dealt with strictly. Meanwhile, Dhaka Metropolitan Awami League, Awami Jubo League are active on the streets to resist the movement of BNP. Jubo League held protest marches and rallies across the country including the capital Dhaka yesterday.

Several leaders of Awami League say that BNP has been talking about anti-government movement for a long time. But so far no movement could be established. Even their leader’s liberation movement could not hold any large-scale rally or meeting. However, taking advantage of the ongoing global economic crisis, a conspiracy is being made to create an unstable situation in Bangladesh before the elections. On that occasion, the fear that BNP may create a chaos like in the past in the name of occupying the highway cannot be ruled out.

The government and the party are taking utmost precautions in this regard. Already, instructions have been given at the grassroots level as well. However, if anyone or any group commits violence in the name of the movement, the law and order forces will look into it. Also, as an additional precaution, the activists will stay in their areas with a cautious stance. Already, BNP has shown strength by holding a large rally in the capital after announcing the occupation of Rajpath. Through this, a message has been given to BNP that Awami League has not left the streets. Awami League will be in the field to face any situation.

In this context, AFM Bahauddin Nashim, one of the joint general secretaries of Awami League, told Naya Digant that if BNP conducts a peaceful movement, we have no problem. But if you do violence in the name of movement, if you destroy the peace of common people, law and order forces will see it. He also said that it is our responsibility as a government party to resist them for the sake of the country and the people of the country. Awami League will fulfill that responsibility. If they want to destabilize the country by throwing petrol bombs and arson like in the past in the name of BNP movement, they will not be given that opportunity. Because the road has not been leased to anyone. Wherever they start fire terror, create anarchy activities, there will be resistance.

In this context, one of the organizing secretary of Awami League, Advocate Afzal Hossain told Naya Digant, BNP is a political party. They have right to assembly. If they carry out their program peacefully, they will not be hindered. But in the name of the movement, if people are killed by arson, arson and petrol bombs, that opportunity will not be given.

He said that the road was not leased to anyone. If BNP takes to the streets and commits terrorist and anarchic activities, the government will suppress them with law and order forces. And we will deal politically on behalf of the party. Their terrorist activities will be answered from the streets.

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