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Demand to declare zone 21 as ‘no-horn spot’ in Chittagong

Demand to declare zone 21 as ‘no-horn spot’ in Chittagong
Demand to declare zone 21 as ‘no-horn spot’ in Chittagong

The human rights organization Bangladesh Human Rights Foundation-BHRF has demanded that 21 spots in Chittagong city should be declared as no-horn spots, including hydraulic horn bans. This demand was made on behalf of the human rights organization in the human chain organized at Chittagong Press Club premises on Saturday (September 3) morning.

Organized with the aim of creating a pollution-free environment, this human bond was held under the chairmanship of Zia Habib Ahsan, president of BHRF Chittagong district branch and moderated by Mahamudur Rahman Shawon.

Senior human rights activist Sunil Kumar Sarkar, Chittagong District Bar Association former senior vice president Anwar Hossain, Chittagong Mother and Child Hospital treasurer Dr. Mohammad Sanaullah, Khademul Islam Chowdhury, Finance Secretary Syed Mohammad Haroon, human rights leader Golam Mawla Murad, environmental activist Sujan Barua, journalist Abu Sufian Chowdhury, Lutfunnahar Rupsa and many others were present.

Acting general secretary of Chittagong district Jaseem Uddin, Member Secretary of Manabbandhan Implementation Committee Ahsan Habib Babu, Nurul Absar, Laila Ibrahim Banu, Yusuf Chowdhury, Md. Abul Khair, Hasan Ali, Kaniz Fatema Lima, Mohammad Jamal Uddin, MH Swapan, Md. Anwar, Muhammad Mozaherul Quader, Pradeep Aich Dipu, Saifuddin Khaled, Badrul Hasan, Zia Uddin Arman, Nazrul Islam, Mohammad Ershad Alam, Navil etc.

Sujan Barua was awarded the Human Rights Medal for her singular role in the anti-hydraulic horn movement in Manbandhan.

In addition to the ‘noise terror’ shutdown, Chittagong’s Tigerpass, Batali Hill, Jilapi Pahar, Court Hill area, CRB, DC Hill, Sarson Road, Jamburi Field, Fayez Lake, Bayezid Link Road, Women’s University area, Sea Beach area, Jhowtla, Nasirabad Govt Girls’ School, Golpahar, Pravartak, Chattashwari, Mehdi Bagh, O.R. Nizam Road, MM Ali Road, KB Fazlul Quader Road etc. have been notified to declare horn-free ‘Nirb Laya’ (No Horn Spot).

Areas where there are hospitals and educational institutions need to protect the natural environment and environment. For this, these areas are also demanded to be declared as environmentally critical areas.

To spread this social movement all over Bangladesh, everyone’s cooperation is called for.

Iqbal Hussain/MIHS/JIM

The article is in Bengali

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