Killed in a filmy style, Tarek could not survive by killing Milky, where are his companions?

Killed in a filmy style, Tarek could not survive by killing Milky, where are his companions?
Killed in a filmy style, Tarek could not survive by killing Milky, where are his companions?

Riazul Haque Khan Milki, the then organizational secretary of Dhaka Metropolitan South Jubo League, was killed in a rivalry between them. Even though nine years have passed since the murder, the trial of the case has not ended.

Milky carnage takes place in filmy style on the road in front of Shoppers World in Gulshan. RAB and CID investigated the incident and gave the charge sheet in the name of 18 people in the court. All the accused in the charge sheet are absconding. One of the accused was killed in a gunfight with RAB.

The scene of the murder was caught on a CCTV footage of Shoppers World. It can be seen that a few people came on a motorcycle and shot in a filmy style. Their identities were not immediately known, but later arrested by RAB, joint secretary of South Jubo League, SM Zahid Siddique Tarek, was shot by RAB.

RAB arrested Tarek from Fortuna Hospital in Uttara on the night of Milki’s murder. The next day on July 30, two people including Tarek died in a ‘gunfight’ between the terrorists and the RAB. Later, the investigating agency dropped Tarek’s name from the charge sheet.

On the night of 29 July 2013, Riazul Haque Khan Milki was shot dead in front of Shoppers World in Gulshan of the capital.

The next day, Milki’s younger brother Major Rashedul Haque Khan, General Secretary of Motijheel Thana Awami League Zahidul Islam Tipu and General Secretary of Dhaka Metropolitan South Jubo League Wahidul Alam alias Arif, named 12 others and filed a murder case with Gulshan police station.

A day after the case of Milki’s murder was filed, the Ministry of Home Affairs assigned RAB to investigate the case.

When asked about the progress of the Milki murder case, Metropolitan Court PP Abdullah Abu told Dhaka Times that the case is currently at the stage of taking evidence in the Speedy Trial Tribunal-1. But the accused cannot say who is where now without seeing the case file.

According to law enforcement officials, Tareq tried several times to kill Milki but was unsuccessful. Later, Tarek got to know all the information about Milki by having an affair with Fahima Islam Lopa, the wife of his private car driver Maruf Reza Sagar. After that, according to his information, Milki was killed.

Awami League leader Zahidul Islam Tipu was recently killed in Shahjahanpur. Detective police also interrogated Maruf Reza Sagar in this case. However, he was released as he was not related.

It is known that Sakhawat Hossain Chanchal, the then organizing secretary of the Dhaka Metropolitan North Jubo League, the main accused in the Milki murder, left for America after the incident.

Milki’s driver’s wife Fahmida Islam Lopa and three accused are out on bail. However, according to a source, Lopa is currently staying in America.

Apart from this, out of the nine people who were arrested at different times in this case, all of them went into hiding after getting out of bail.

The trial of this sensational murder case is going on in the Speedy Trial Tribunal-1. According to court sources, the testimony of three people including Milki’s younger brother and the plaintiff in the case Major Rashedul Haque Khan and Milki’s driver Maruf Reza Sagar have been taken. Apart from this, six accused have given a confessional statement in the court admitting responsibility.

RAB Assistant Police Kazemur Rashid was first assigned the responsibility of investigating Milki’s murder case. On April 15, 2014, he filed a charge sheet in the court accusing 11 people. But the plaintiff complained that the names of Tipu and Arif in the statement of the case were filed in the charge sheet. Later, the court directed the CID to investigate the case further.

On September 23, 2015, CID Assistant Superintendent of Police Uttam Kumar Biswas filed a charge sheet in the court accusing 11 people and seven others after further investigation. Although Arif’s name appeared in the list of seven new members, Tipu’s name did not appear. Later Tipu was active in Motijheel politics. And Arif is absconding.

On July 3, 2012, Ismail Chowdhury Samrat became the president and Wahidul Alam Arif became the general secretary at the Dhaka Metropolitan South Jubo League conference. Wahidul Islam Arif is on the run since Milki’s murder on July 26, 2013.

Seven accused in the second charge sheet

Tuhin Rahman Fahim, Syed Mujtaba Ali Rumi, Mohammad Rashed Mahmud alias Ali Hossain Rashed alias Mahmud, Saidul Islam alias Nuruzzaman, Sujan Howlader, Dr. Dewan Faryuddaula alias Pappu and Mamun ur Rashid.

11 accused in the first charge sheet

Fahima Islam Lopa, wife of Milki driver Maruf Reza Sagar, Sakhawat Hossain Chanchal, Aminul Islam alias Habib, Jahangir Mandal, Sohail Mahmud alias Sohel Bhuiyan, Chunnu Mia, Arif alias Arif Hossain, Sahidul Islam, Ibrahim Khalilullah, Rafiqul Islam Chowdhury and Sharif Uddin Chowdhury alias pappu

Riazul Haque Khan Milki had a quick political rise and became popular in the Motijheel AGB Colony area, according to the chargesheet in the case of planning the murder. Because of this, it was not possible for Asami Tarek alias Killer Tarek (killed in the crossfire) to control tenders in Bangladesh Railway, East Motijheel Division, DPDC, BADC, Food, CMMU, Sports Council, Agriculture and other government institutions.

Tarek thought of Milky as a fork in Tarek’s path and took the initiative to kill him several times. Every time the information was leaked, Motijheel planned to kill him outside the area. To execute the plan, killer Tarek develops an affair with Milki’s private car driver Sagar’s wife Lopa. Knowing Milki’s location through Lopa, the murder is planned.

(Dhakatimes/03 Sep/AH/MOA)

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