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Chhatra League committee in private universities, education environment will be okay?

Chhatra League committee in private universities, education environment will be okay?
Chhatra League committee in private universities, education environment will be okay?

Finally, student politics entered the private universities of the country in full swing. On Thursday, President Zahid Hossain Parvez of Combined Private University Chhatra League and General Secretary Azizul Hakim Samrat approved the organization’s partial committee.

However, in a conversation with Dhaka Times, several students of private universities expressed their apprehension in this regard. On condition of anonymity, they said, ‘There will be political clashes in private universities as well as in public universities. This will spoil the learning environment of private universities.’

Not only students, common people have also expressed concern on social media about the fact that Chhatra League is a committee in private universities. The question has arisen, the private university has been teaching in a peaceful environment for so long, will that environment be okay? Or the environment will become unstable after two days?

However, Sadman Shakib, a student of North South University, who got a post in the private university Chhatra League, sees the matter as positive.

Talking to Dhaka Times, Shakib, who got the post of vice-president at North South University, said, ‘Politics is for human service. We were deprived of it till now. From now on, we will be able to do various service works even on a small scale for the welfare of the people of the country and our classmates. It will not spoil the environment of education, rather we will try to make the environment more beautiful.’

Last Thursday, for the first time, Bangladesh Chhatra League formed committees in the private universities of the country including North South University, Independent University, BRAC University, American International University, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (UST), East West University.

Ashiqur Rahman Ashiq, a student of law department of the university, has been made the president of Chhatra League in North South University. Masud Rana, a student of BBA marketing department of the university, has been made general secretary.

Tawfiq Islam Khandkar, Sadman Saqib, Al Jamil Sagar, Omar Sani, Shah Shafayet Alam Adeeb, Dharmendranath Roy, Rubayet Zaman, Kaushik Roy, Anind Lahiri Utsav, Mehdi Hasan Turin, Nasim Chowdhury, Sadek Khan, Faim Haider Chowdhury are vice-chairmen of the committee. , Mahadi Hasan, KR Kausar, Sabiq Rahman and Dweep Roy.

Masnoon ul Alam Avik, Mehrab Hossain Mohad, Alamgir Hossain Shravan, Abrar Shahriar Kamal, Shahriar Hossain Tanmoy, Mohsiun Naeem Aziz, Ahmad Kamruzzaman Rafin, Mohammad Hozaifa Tamim Khan and Rafid have been made joint general secretaries.

Dhaka Times/03 September/AH)

The article is in Bengali

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