Even with the installation of CCTV cameras in Dhaka, theft and robbery does not stop

Even with the installation of CCTV cameras in Dhaka, theft and robbery does not stop
Even with the installation of CCTV cameras in Dhaka, theft and robbery does not stop

August 1, 9:30 p.m. Shilpi Akhter was returning home in Kanthal Bagan by rickshaw after withdrawing money from an ATM booth in Panthpath. The robber hit the hand from behind as soon as he came near the Kanthal Bagan slope. Artist Akhtar’s mobile fell from his hand on the road. When the rickshaw stopped to pick up the fallen mobile, the robber took away the bag of money in another hand.

After this incident, it was not possible to identify the robber. Verbally came to the police station. But it didn’t work.

Those concerned say that such incidents of robbery are not new in the capital. This happened all the time. Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has taken the initiative to install CC (Closed Circuit) cameras in the capital to prevent these accidents. Even if hundreds of CCTV cameras are installed at different points of the capital, theft and robbery cannot be stopped.

According to the information given by Dhaka Metropolitan Police, there are 858 CCTV cameras installed in 50 police stations of DMP. Sabuj Bagh, Demra and Sherebangla Nagar Police Stations have 32 cameras each, while Pallabi Police Station has 30 cameras. Motijheel police station area has the least 10, Khilgaon, Tejgaon industrial area, Shahali, Badda, Airport police station have 11 CCTV cameras each. Traffic department has 64 CC cameras in 8 zones.

Among them, 145 robberies occurred in DMP last year, and 1,343 thefts occurred. In 2020, there were 176 robberies and 1,217 thefts. There have been 71 robberies till June this year. And there were 808 cases of theft. That continuity has been seen till this month as well.

On the morning of October 14 last year, the government official was going from Khilkhet to Kuril Bishwar Road with his wife in a BRTC double-decker bus to take him to the bus to go home. Jahangir Mughal. While boarding the bus with two bags in both hands, the mobile phone in his pocket was stolen in the crowd. Khilkhet went to look for the CCTV camera at the bus stand to get the stolen mobile but to no avail. The next day he made a GD at Khilkhet police station. But still not received his mobile phone.

On April 23, Sikdar Mohammad Rezaur Rahman Rumel was taking a rickshaw through Mirpur-1 Paikpara Chalimuddin Market of the capital. A child suddenly got behind the rickshaw. A few minutes later, Panjari saw that his mobile was not in his pocket. Rummel went back and did not find him. DG at Mirpur Model Police Station but still not found his mobile.

In these incidents, the lost goods were not found and the culprit was not caught. The benefits of installing CC cameras have not been met in these cases.

The benefits of CC cameras are often not matched

Regarding the investigation of robbery cases, the investigating officers say that most of the cases of robbery take place in places where there are no CCTV cameras. This makes it difficult to identify hijackers. It can be seen in cases of mobile robbery, the mobile can be recovered through the mobile SIM. The robber was then caught.

The CCTV cameras which have been operating for a long time in the capital and which have become somewhat damaged, are supposed to be replaced. 625 new cameras are being installed by changing the useless cameras.

Regarding this, Additional Deputy Police Commissioner (ADC) of Public Relations and Media Wing of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Hafiz Al Asad told Jago News that CC cameras help to identify criminals. It is not the case that it will reduce crime. But if more CCTV cameras can be installed and robbers or criminals think that there are CCTV cameras everywhere, then the crime may be reduced.

He said that many people may take the opportunity because there are no CC cameras in many places. There are plans to install more CCTV cameras across the capital. More CCTV cameras will be installed.

The cameras currently installed are state-of-the-art. Three types of cameras are being installed – bullet cameras, zoom cameras and Automatic Number Plate Reader (ANPR) cameras. The official said that this is the first time such high-quality powerful cameras are being installed in the capital.

However, experts say that not only installing cameras, they also need proper maintenance. Cameras that cost so much money to install are simply a waste of money if they are not maintained.

About this, the crime analyst and the dean of the Department of Sociology of Dhaka University. Zia Rahman told Jago News that those who are supposed to work do not work, there is no accountability. Again there is lack of budget, lack of resources. Do not take any policy systematically, do not operate. It is not enough to install a CC camera, it has to be taken care of.

‘Otherwise it’s just a waste of money. There should be adequate lights, police patrols should be strengthened in places where robbery occurs. If you install a nominal CC camera without supervision, it will not be of any use.’


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